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James - buzz cut & name.

And Here We Are At The weekend, Again

Mid September ...and apparently less than 100 days till Christmas.  Did we really need to know that fact?

I have just done my normal Saturday walk (hobble) to the bigger supermarket this morning.  Didn't need too much food, but I decided I would still go and pick up a couple of bits.  As ever, back by bus ... normally as I have bought loads, this time to rest the leg injury.

Now I am here, and try to rest for the rest of the weekend, as normal.

"Strictly" re-starts this evening ... just the launch show.  I may watch it as I only recognise a couple of the names that have been released, so this way I shall see how "famous" these "celebrities" are!

We still aren't "in" Church as the builders got delayed, so another week before it's safe to go in.  So online again tomorrow.

Oh well, no real news - I may have  afinal Jersey-photo post to do, but probably won't be until Monday.  Now, as ever, before I disappear -

18. What song are you listening to at the moment?
I have James reading "Cold Days" (from the Dresden Files)

19. What was the last piece of furniture you purchased?
A small bookcase for my conservatory ... for magazines, and to hold a CD player

Well, that's me - Have a good weekend & see you Monday x
Harry Dresden

Yay!! Friday = Day Off!!

This morning I finished my ironing and limped my way to the local shop for milk, etc.  The strapping is off the ankle now, but it is very sore still.  I really ought to ice it more often than I am doing.

Lunch and then I have had another stroll, slow but sure.  I almost decided to give it a miss, but in the end I compromised and did a shorted walk than I would normally do on a Friday.  As I have said in the past I listen to James reading Dresden Files, and a couple of months ago re-started the series.  So it's been good to re-hear the early stories & relationships.

Now I am here, and will try to sort more photos in a minute, as well as make some icons if I can get focussed.

This evening I will (I hope) try to get comments answered and your latest updates looked at ... come on, where has this week gone?

But, as ever, befpre I get on with that -

17. Have you ever been a part of a wedding party?
Yes, I have been a Maid of honour, a chief bridesmaid and a bridesmaid ... in that order (demotion).  We have a phrase here : 3 times a bridesmaid, never a bride (however that didn't seem to affect mum!)

So Far - Today Has Been A Good Day

Yes, I had a lazy start, but have walked and done some shopping, have 2 loads of washing on the line, hoovered through the house and even did some dusting.  Now I have had lunch and have downloaded the photos from yesterday (although I haven't sorted them out yet).  So all in all, a good day!

Now I need to do this and then go for a walk, before getting the ironing done (uniforms & bed linen, as well as a couple of skirts mean that I have a busy time ahead.  But, as ever -

28. What do you usually drink with breakfast?
2 mugs of tea.  (Although I have drunk a pint of water before I start eating)

29. How many closets does your house have?
Wardrobes in bedrooms, cupboards in the kitchen & lounge (in display cabinets).  One large walk-in cupboard under the stairs ... and a large shed in the garden for anything else!

30. What year is your car?
2016 (I was able to show it to Dad just before he died)

Oh well, that's me up to date.  I have done an extra day as it is a Bank Holiday here so may not actually get much time to LJ.

So, will see you on Tuesday - hope you all have a good weekend.

Hope You Are All Enjoying Your Weekend

... for the first time in ages I drove to the shops this morning ... it has certainly been a very wet day.  however this afternoon I did manage to get a mile long walk done in the dry ... so not as good as normal, but at least I managed to get out for a few moments.

Spoke to Auntie Joyce today and she seems as "normal" as ever.  Just spoken to Brenda and she is going to phone her tomorrow ... so we will see how things go.  Sadly I find my memories of the hurts she caused Dad (& Mum) tend to be in the background , but I do try to remember that at 94 and with no close family (there are only the 3 of us) she does need support ... even if she won't accept it.  She has turned down the NHS support that she was offered for the next 6 weeks, as she doesn't trust that they won't steel from her (her words, not mine).  I have told her they would be fine, but once she has made up her mind there is no changing it.  Oh well, I wait and see how the next chapter of this story will go.

Now it's a Saturday and I need to finish off here so that  I can turn off the pc and relax for the next few hours.  Housework is pretty organised, food sorted ... so "bring on the weekend"!!  But as ever -

7. If you use libraries, what is the largest overdue fine you've ever had?
Oh I had a few in the past - but haven't been in a library for years ... a Kindle for fiction, and internet for factual books.

8. When was the last time you did something for the first time?
That has taken some thinking - maybe it was when I joined a gym 6 months after Dad died ... so that would be New Year 2017

Enjoy your weekend - see you on Monday x
James - thinky thoughts

Friday Again

No photos today - I did walk to see a friend for coffee/tea and took the camera.  However I was late going as a phonecall delayed me.  I thought I could take a few photos on the way home ... only for it to have been raining!

The call that delayed me was a hospital where they contacted me to say that my Aunt was being discharged .... brilliant, considering I didn't know she had been admitted!  Apparently even though I was listed as next-of-kin (thus they called me), they didn't let me know she had been there for 2 - 3 days.  She had fallen at home, but was basically OK, so that's the main thing.  Auntie Joyce is being "herself" apparently ... and I said I would phone her at home tomorrow.  The staff did have most of the details, so obviously she is still mantally OK (well as mentally OK as she has ever been 🤣 )  So that delayed me ... but at least she seems OK, so I don't have to do the round trip, but did say that if for any reason she was kept in could they let me know and I would re-think the 545 mile long return journey

However it was  good to catch up with the friend (from Church).  So the rest of the morning went well!

But now I have housework to do (I didn't get as much done as I had aimed to yesterday) ... so .... (as ever - )

6. What is the dumbest way you’ve injured yourself?

With a name like Debris, there are plenty to choose!

However reading someone else's comment reminded me of one of the oddest.  Back in 2008 I was in London to go to a James gig, and staying at a hostel (as I always do in London), and the morning of the gig I managed to fall out of the shower, skidded, stubbed my toes ... and broke 3 of them!   So by the evening my foot was half black & blue. 

But, overall I could probably list a few more - like falling off a chair and chipping a chunk out of my elbow!
Sunshine after rain

The Good News Is ....

I won't need to water the garden tubs this evening!

Mind you, the sun is now out, so if it gets very warm I may change my mind.  But it was raining off & on until now.  I am hoping that if it rains this week it will be dry next week, as when Brenda visits we have plans for day-trips!  Oh well, whateve happens, it will be nice to have a couple of days off work.  Those days were off anyway from my normal clinic so that's why I offered Brenda a  mini-break, so it would be nice if we could also need to buy an ice-cream, rather than have to huddle in layers of clothes!  (Watch this space)

Yes, I am managing to catch up with many of you, but am all behind in replying to comments, so that is a task for this evening.

Now the sun is out I am going to have a short walk, and when I get back I hope to play my clarinet for 5 minutes ... I haven't really been able to increase my play-time, but I am determined to keep going, however small, it's better than nothing.

So, let me get on, but before that -

5. Have you ever hung your clothes out on a clothesline?

Always, if I can
Sun on Sea

Nice To See The Sun Again, Today ...

... although I did want to do some baking this afternoon, so that's not so good!  I have Brenda coming for a few days next week, and Tim & Claire are coming for a meal while she is here.  So wanted to get myself a bit organised as we are hoping to go out on the couple of days that she is here.

Clinic today went well, nice people, and I was home about 1/4 hour early.

Now I have had lunch and a walk, and got a few bits of shopping on the way home, so am trying to post this, and then hopefully catch up with you all.  As ever, before I go -

4. What do you look forward to the most about the colder times of the year?
I really love wearing chunky jumpers!
James - pointing finger

Hello ... And Goodbye!

As of Thursday I am away for 10 days, and haven't thought about packing etc yet, as I am working mornings still, so I have decided to say Goodbye today, and not return until I am home again. 

I am going to Lichfield, The National Arboretum & then to The Lake District ... for a Christian Convention.  On the way home I shall stop off at my Aunt's ... so will have lots of photos to share (you have been warned) when I return.

I am so looking forward to this holiday that was delayed form last year, but also, (I do love my life here, but) I am really looking forward to escaping for a few days.

Work has gone well over the last couple of days - and so have my walks, so a positive start to the week.  I know I was missing yesterday, but each time I went to come upstaires I was delayed - Brenda phoned, then a jeweller who is doing some repairs for me ... it's amazing how quickly a day can go, isn't it?

So, before I dissappear I shall catch up with the meme -

12. Do you have to wear an identification badge at your job?
Yes, in fact I wear 2 at present.  When we all started wearing masks we had photos re-taken (mine, like most on our actual ID badge had faded), so that we could show who we actually were - mostly for kids.

13. Do you like when friends stop by unexpectedly?
Don't know the last time that happened.

14. How old were you when you moved to your current home?

15. If you apply your makeup, do you do it in a specific order?
Don't wear it

16. Were you born with naturally straight teeth?
No (but have never had braces)

17. Do you like going to museums? Any particular type?
Yes, yes, yes ... any!  (Well maybe not modern art)

18. What time do you usually go to bed at on weekends?
Same time as weekdays - upstaires somewhere between 9.30 & 10 ... lights off just before 11.  (Although occasionally I do stay up later)

19. How often do you re-watch / re-read things or are you more ‘once only’?
Oh yes.  Some films I could pretty much quote, and at present I am re-watching some favourite TV series.  Some books have been read loads of times ... and certainly some favourite fan-fics

20. If you could marry any celebrity today who would it be?
LOL - do I need to answer that (and after all, he ha just got divorced!!)

21. Do you own anything that's an antique?
Yes - the oldest are 2 clocks (that are in for repair at present) ... some wine glasses, a couple of family Bibles ... all from the 1800's

22. Do you let your hair air dry or do you blowdry it?
Air dry - it is short and usually dry by the time I have towelled myself as I get out of the shower

23. How long does it take for you to fall asleep at night?
Usually about 10 mins, give or take

24. What's the first thing you do when you get on the computer?
Check my emails

25. What's one item that you wish you owned right now?
My Mum & Dad's photos from when they were younger ... Tim has them.

There are ertainly some interesting questions ... I shall miss reading your answers.

I do hope you all have a couple of fun weeks, and keep safe & healthy ... see you on the flip side.
M&D wedding

It Really Is All About Timing ...

Isn't it?

This morning I walked out my front door to put some things in the bin, and noticed the bush as I walked past.  And. it actually occured to me that if I got the camera then I really could get a half-decent photo ...

If I had left it any longer, with the breeze we had the flower would have been dry again.  A nice image, but not quite as stunning as I actually managed to capture.

So, go me!!!

I did my walk to the shop, and bought some bits & pieces, and once home did a bit of housework, lunch, another small walk ... and here we are.

I shall do some icons (if my brain feels OK), and then try to sort out some further details of my upcoming trip to The Lake District.  Yes, it's a Christian Convention that I am going to, and will admit I am (pleasantly) suprised that it is still going ahead.  I have to take a day out, and am only going to the morning sessions ... so will be doing some sight-seeing while there.  This convention has been running for years, and was a trip that Dad used to do pre-marriage.  Mum went on the one year that they had met, and it was a "decide whether they were going to work things out, or not" sort of holiday ... and yes, they stayed in different hotels!!  They went back about 25 years ago with friends, and I always said I would go.  I had planned to do so last year, but Covid had other plans!

So that's my plan for today ... tomorrow is Church, of course ... and then England is in the EUROs final ... so plenty of things to do ... but as ever -

10. Did your parents live in a different country before you were born?
No, although they movced to a different one when I was 3 months old!  (and back again when I was almost 6)

11. What's something you've experienced that very few others have?
Does going to a dog's funeral count ... as most people don't have a proper service for their pet.  Although there was only myself, and the "undertaker", Jiffy had a proper funeral, including a Bible reading & a small eulogy.
I have done cross-country eventing on a horse ... at a low grade, but the rules still counted.

Hope you all have a good weeked ... and "Good Luck England"  (sorry for any Italians out there!

Cold Again Today, Isn't It?

It has certainly turned cooler again this afternoon, altthough they have promised us that we will be getting better weather in a week or two.  That would be nice as I am away on holiday!

The clinic went really well - all 5 turned up, and were really nice people.  So that was positive, especially as the physiologist I was working with retires in a couple of weeks.  So we have one more clinic to do, and I hope that it goes as well.

Now I am having a lazyish afternoon (although I did have a short walk).

But I do have time to -

8. What did your parents do when you were growing up?

When I was mid-teens Mum started working as a Tupperware agent (& did that for 3 years).  When I went to college I lived at home, and she worked in the same departmental store that I did.  But basically Mum was a housewife - always clean clothes and homemade food.

Dad was a senior lecture in Business Management & Engineering.  He did that from just before I was born till I was in my mid 20's.  When I was 14 - 15 he took a year out to do a Masters degree at Imperial College, and when I was in my late teens he did his PhD  (we went to his graduation just before we all went to mine)