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A Few Days Early (If You Are Technical), But It Was Great Fun To Celebrate

I had a really super weekend - I had been a bit concerned as to how much the boys would be around (with football on TV!!), and Nick can be variable in temper.

However - it was truly special.

The only problem was all the decorations, as you can see -

Tim & Claire arrived about an hour after I did ... and then it was lunchtime.  Just before we started eating Brenda commented how lovely it was to all be together.  I think the Pandemic worked in my favour, as well all enjoyed actually being together ... it was over 2 years since that had happened, and 18 months since I had seen them.

Both Nick & Brenda are great cooks, so the food was as lovely as the company -



After lunch all but Nick, and Joe went for a walk.  It was warmish, but dry (the rain just started as we got back home).  We were out for about an hour, and it was lovely  for all of us, although Ollie managed to lose his ball!



Once back it was time for cake.  Andrew's fiancee Jess made a lovely lemon cake



After that Nick had done a wordsearch of 40 words about me ... trouble was he hadn't said what the words were to make it a challenge.  Put it this way, I only found 30 of them.  He had a couple of dogs, one of my horses, a few hobbies ... and James' name, to list a few.


Then it was tea time - Chicken Lasagne, baked potatoes etc, followed by cheesecake and strawberries ... more yum.  After tea I had my phot taken with everyone, which was nice.

Tim (L) and Nick (R), my baby brothers
Claire (L) and Brenda (R)


Andrew, Dan, Tom & Joe

After that Brenda had asked me to take a few photos from over the years, and we all had some laughs .... especially Jess & Meghan (Dan's girlfriend) of the boys at my 40th & 50th birthdays.

The we had another quiz ... complete with 60 questions.  Brenda & I won as we got 20!  Some of them were either/or answers, and most guessed wrong!

By now it was about 11, so T&C headed off to their B&B, and the rest of us headed for bed.  Andrew had donated his bed even though I said he didn't need to.  So by now I was over-tired, but still couldn't sleep as the adrenalin was still running!

Still, Sunday came ... and Brenda, Andrew, Jess & I went to Church (Nick stayed at home to see on You Tube) and we met Tim & Claire there.It was so lovely to actually go to Church - 15 months since my last time, as it's normally on You Tube for us.

Then back home for Sunday lunch ... roast lamb.  It was just the 9 of us, and lots of chat ... mostly teasing Andrew about the upcoming wedding plans.

As the meal finished I decided I needed to head home as I was really tired, and knew I had a journey in rain to do.  So we left Nick to the rest of Father's Day and the 3 of us headed home ... arriving here about 5 pm.

A truly special weekend.

Tuesday ... All Day

Clinic was good today ... well, I finished over half an hour early, so it must have been good. However we had set up in one clinic room, only to be moved to another one. Frustrating. Most of the department do work around each other as all are assorted tests. However there are 2 full-time staff members who don't move, and we came up against one of them, so it means that whatever else, it's actually easier to move rooms!

Had a nice walk ... I have stepped up to 1.5 miles after a work day. We still have the sun here, but the forecast isn't great for the end of the week. So the plans for my birthday weekend got chaanged, as a family BBQ doesn't seem as if it would work. Although it may get changed back again if the weather clears quickly. Speaking of which, I must scan some more photos, as they want to see some baby photos of me ... and here's one to share of my 1st birthday -


So, off to sort out more photos ... I shall post some more photos at some point.  Before I go to sort things ...

15. What was the last letter that you sent out by mail?

yesterday I wrote to a friend that I used to go to Church with as a teenager. I do write to quite a few people, still.
Woodland walk

Thursday Again .... This Week Is Going Quickly

A bit of a later start again today, although not as late as yesterday - but still nice not to have to set the alarm clock!

So washing was done, and on the line, and then I wrote a couple of letters and some Easter cards.  Really glad I was able to collect some in the garden centre yesterday.  I also bought a couple of shrubs, so when I came home I tidied up the tubs (4) in the front garden, weeded around the edge of the drive, but luckily not much was needed, and swept down.  One of the shrubs was for the lower section of my back garden so I also sorted out that area and moved a couple of tubs around, so am pleased with my positive start.

After lunch I met a friend from work (another Christine) for  a walk .... and even managed a couple of photos for you all to see.






And, as ever I want to keep up to date -

18. What did you love to do as a teen?
Same as now - reading, jigsaws, sightseeing, and spending time with Mum & Dad

On an extra note on my Bible Reading this morning I read about Deborah ... the lesser known character of the 2 Deborah's in the Bible (and yes, where I got my name).  This Deborah was a nurse ... must mean I am now doing the correct job!!
Deborah - Portrait of Corage

Just So I post ...

I did say I would dip in & out, and pick some questions ... so, here are a couple =

4 What’s something a lot of people seem to fear that doesn’t frighten you?

6 What was your favorite thing to make-believe when you were a child?
Mum & Dad bought me some records of childhood hymns ... I was "certain" they artists were my friends!

One of them, Elaine & Derek a brother and sister ... Derek is now more well known as the long-term actor on Casualty, called Charlie Fairhead. This is one of the records I have -

Well I worked this morning - it's a small department, only 14 people in today ... and 3 of them were called Deborah!! That certainly must be something of a record!

Hope you are all having a fun day
No time

What A Day

Well today is my posting day over at seasonal_spuffy ... and over the last couple of weeks I have made 40 icons.  Brilliant I hear you say!  Well, it would be brilliant if my lap-top that I made them on hadn't died last night!  And, I mean totally dead ... so as soon as I have scribbled this I have to get my thinking cap on and make some more icons!

Added to that today I should have been on holiday (so I only signed up to do the icons when I knew that had been cancelled).  I was due to be visiting some WWI sites this week, and this afternoon shoud have been at the tank museum at Cambrai.  I had been especially looking forward to that as I wanted to get my photo taken with their prize exhibit - a WWI tank, called Deborah!!!  Yes all the early tanks had female names beginning with D, and one they have on display is my name.
 photo ct1917cf-moreau-98-100410_2_zpsm6c2euqx.jpg

It was really appropriate that it was going to be today, as it is also the anniversary of my namesake's birth DJ (my initials)  is 21 today!

So, Happy Birthday boy

I had planned to get caught up with the meme, but looks like icons call, so will get that done later (or tomorrow)

Must rush -- Hope you are all well and safe x