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Stone sculpture

Photos #2

As I said when I posted yesterday I took Brenda to Cotehele a stunning Tudor House. On the following day I took her to Castle Drogo, which is on the edge of Dartmoor and is the last castle built in England, seeing as it was only built in the 20th century! Sadly the eldest son died during WWI



The memorial room to the son who died





Brenda in the cold store area of the kitchen

Spot the dolls house in the distance, which was stunning

The Chapel is built as part of the castle. slightly under it as the hill slopes


Some of the gardens

Adventure before dementia

Bank Holiday Monday - Dartmoor 2

After lunch, and a walk, we got back in the car and continued along the road.

We first stopped at the 12th century clapper bridge, at Postbridge ... and then drove onto Widecombe-in-the-moor.

If you don't know what Widecombe is famous for, then read this very sad song, here, which is still sung up and down the country. The village has an annual fair, and there is always a local dignatory, on a grey mare, to open the proceedings. Although the sad poem is always linked to Widecombe, it can be seen that Tom Cobley, lived in Spreyton

After that, it was home, via Haytor, for fish and chips!

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Adventure before dementia

Anyone Seen Any Large Dogs Today?

As I drove to Plymouth this morning it was a very foogy trip.  My journey takes me along the Devon-Cornwall border, which is actually the River Tamar - hence the murky conditions today.

Not something to worry about ... well that is until the last 10 miles, when I had to cut across the edge of Dartmoor.

How many of you have read the stories of Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles?  Well, on a day like today, you do begin to wonder?