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James - Rock On!

First Music Gig

Yesterday morning as I was waking up one of the questions that the radio show was asking, was about first gigs/concerts.  Most of you who know me know that James was my first one, although I had played in numerous orchestral & band concerts.

However my story is Mum

1944, she was just 16.  She lived in a village in Northamptonshire and within 5 miles of the village, there were 3 USAAF airdromes.  Well they had a concert at the closest one, and althugh her parents weren't pleased she decided to go - after all it was in daylight & free .... so that gave her an advantage.

So, yes, she went.  It was packed with the staff, and locals, as concerts during the war were good for moral, but also everyone knew who the performers were (that's why Mum wanted to go)

Well, have you guessed ...

Yes, it was the Glen Miller Band.  He memory of everything always mentioned the fact that between note the band chewed gum.

So, if you are going to have a "first", then Glen Miller is about as good as you get!!!!

Glenn Miller & The Army Air Force Band - "IN THE MOOD" - November 13, 1943
I had to share this piece as it's one of my favourites, and one when I was in a Band I always found hard to play!!

And this is a picture of her about a year later -
 photo 12096101_10153652738207442_8787304985128596649_n_zpszljsovli.jpg
Adventure before dementia

Rapid Hi ... And A MEME ... Love To Know Your Answers!

I am trying to catch up with LJ before lunch, now dad is off his computer.

I still have no words to write about Torchwood - maybe next week I shall jot down a few thoughts!

The concert, btw, went well - we had a good audience, and a relaxed time (and hopefully not toooooooo many wrong notes!)

Now, must get on - but before I do that, here's a MEME that I snagged from rivertempest  -

If you saw me in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for? Answer, then post to your own journal if you want, and see how many crimes you get accused of!!


366 MEME - Day 147 - St. Martins U.R.C. Bude.

This is the venue that we are using for our small concert tonight - We are combining with one of the lacal choirs - doing some pieces separately and some together ... Finishing with The Toy Symphony ... where I get to play both the rattle, as well as my clarinet.


Yes, the perpective looks wrong, because it is uphill - I don't know the people in the houses opposite - otherwise I could have taken the photo out of their bedroom indow - LOL


Classical Concert - Baroque Style

This evening I am playing in a Baroque concert - and for those who realise this .... yes, as a clarinettist I should not be involved.  However when you are part of a small amateur orchestra you end up having to improvise occasionally.  Some of the music I am playing is horn music and some is trumpet music ... and a couple of the pieces have been arranged completely by the conductor.  So I am not playing in either of the organ concertos, but the T.Arne piec is actually a trumpet duet that the 2 clarinettists are playing.

The concert is based around G.F. Handel because the town about 10 mins drive away (on the way towards DJ) is Kilkhampton and inside the Church is THE HANDEL ORGAN. 
This classical organ has quite a history which time has seemed to have mystified. The nucleus of this instrument is reputed to have come from The Schrider Organ used in Westminster Abbey, when it was dismantled in 1730. It is probable that it was sent to Kilkhampton by the then sub-Dean of Westminster Abbey, John Thynne of Penstowe Manor. The instrument was the reconstructed by the renowned organ builder Henry Willis in 1880. The great age of this organ has probably felt the hands of G.F. Handel, John Blow, as well as other well known organists of that time.
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Suite from the BRANDENBURG CONCERTO NO 1 by J.S. BACH (1685 – 1750)
SINFONIA NO 4 by THOMAS ARNE (1710 – 1778)
SUITE VON GLUCK by C.W. VON GLUCK (1714 – 1787)
This suite has been arranged by the conductor from various harpsichord pieces that occur in Gluck’s operas.
ORGAN CONCERTO in F (Cuckoo and the Nightingale) by G.F. HANDEL
SYMPHONIE in G by JOHANN HERTEL (1727 – 1789
 So, I have a rehearsal this afternoon - which is necessary as we can't get there until today ... but puts a strain on the wind players mouths ... violinists arm ... etc.

Then concert this evening - I don't suppose it will be quite as much a sell-out ... or as lively and realaxed as the one I went to in Union Chapel ... but hopefully those who attend will enjoy it.

Adventure before dementia

Panic !!!!!!!!!

Had an email this morning - about the Friday Concert that James is doing - and my first thought was "Oh no - It's been cancelled" - But - panic over - it was just about queuing details! ... I can breathe again (well, just about!)


Adventure before dementia

Spike - the best excuse!

Just wanted to say how much I had enjoyed the good_evil drabbles - great to read something about so many characters ... and it even inspired me to write one myself!

For me, they saved the best for last - SPIKE.

And I enjoyed reading what had been written - but also meant I had a great reason for not getting on with my housework! I have to have the house sparkling by tomorrow - yes, you guessed it - Mum and Dad are coming for the weekend! Why is it I suddenly feel like a 5 year old with my first school report ... or a teenager with the report that every teacher has written "could try harder"?

Oh well - the house is OK (I think) ... just now got to head towards my orchestra concert - that will take my mind off whether Mum has brought white gloves with her or not!!