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Not Being A Great LJer, Am I?

I seem to have spent the last few weeks dipping in and out ... terrible.

I am totally in a muddle as I am having my bedroom furniture built, painted and the room decorated.  I decided while in a muddle I would get evn more muddled, knowing (?hoping) that as the days go along then my whole place will be more organised.  Please note I am not saying my life will be more organised, just the house!!

Anyway, what else?  Because I am having my bedroom done, and all my junk is in my spare room it means (Jiffy &) I are sleeping on the settee.  Needless to say, my old spinal injury has flared up for the first time in absolutely years.  So I make a good advert at the hospital ... work for the NHS and you have to stumble around dragging a leg!  I actually had to leave early on Monday, Tuesday is a half-day, but yesterday I was able to get most of the way through the day!  So, all in all I am getting better.  Today I don't have a clinic, so am not at work, although have to go in later.  I am sitting resting and doing this before trying to catch up with my Future-Learn course.

I went to Nick & Brenda's for lunch on Saturday.  And I must say Nick was more relaxed than I had seen him in literally years, and unlike when I was there at Christmas, he didn't disappear for a few hours.  So I am hoping that in writing his book he has been able to take another step on his way to that light at the end of his long tunnel.  I have read the book, and for me it was listening to Nick as I remember him in his twenties.  So although he can't process this, I do believe that he is managing to find a few of the positives that he talks about looking for.

So, sorry there is nothing much to talk about - and certainly no real reason for my "poor attendance".  I didn't even po in to do the 365 meme yesterday!

No news on the holiday.  I'm waiting for Annemarie to confirm those starting points.  So will catch you up to date when I know more.

Hope you are all enjoying February so far ... can't believe we are already more than a week in!  Will try and be a better girl!
Hardest thing - live in the world

Yep - A Set Of Threes

As most of you saw I was worried my pc was dying ... and that is what greeted me Sunday night ... a totally dead, unable to resurrect pc

That was after a weekend where M&D had been (rightly) nagging me to get a new mattress (on both beds ... here & there!).  There may be beds and mattresses on special offer, but if you want a good firm, non-orthopaedic one, don't bother looking in the sales section!

So the credit card was busy.  Yes, I actually have some money saved - it had been in the hope of a "James-day" but it means the credit card can be paid straight off.

Then, to cap it all, a back tooth broke yesterday ... so now I have a very sore tongue.  As I have a check-up booked in 10 days and the tooth itself is pain free I won't get that changed ... in fact I wonder if I even could do so.

So, work this am, but part of yesterday and this afternoon is downloading things.  I have, sadly found that the discs I did the final back-up on didn't work ... showing how dead the old on was even before it keeled over!  I am going to, next month or so, look into "Cloud" back-up.

So, what have I missed in the last week - anything at all, please shove me in that direction.

Adventure before dementia

Weekend Catch-Up!

Hope that you all had a great weekend - Mine was pretty good.

On Saturday, I went to an osteopathic conference as part of my 34 hours annual CPD. (For those who don't know, most of my work is dealing with people who have back problems) ... So, guess what? Yes, by Saturday evening my old back injury was killing me!

So much so, that on Sunday I spent the morning lying down, rather than at Church ... I just stood up at 11 am for the 2 minutes silence ... other than that I rested, but thankfully I am feeling quite a bit easier now.

So now I am back from Mum and Dad's, having had an awful drive home in wind and rain - but to see a message up from James.

So I can squee that he has a new project coming soon, and also the possiblity of further trips next year. So, all in all glad that he appears happy - Hope that the rest he was able to get over the summer with the kids really helped him to re-charge his batteries.

On a further update - I also have Jiffy's latest picture - one that I took on Friday - He is sitting with his teddy, that is called Ginger. Although he destroys all his other toys, Ginger is always around, but very well cared for ... Jiffy is a good daddy!


Hope the coming week will be great for you all.

Adventure before dementia

What a Pain!

Yes - I did say I would have a moan.  The trouble is I am starting to feel better again - so now feel guilty as I start typing this.  But for those who have read odd bits on my posts they will see me from time to time mention a back problem.  So really ought to fill you in.

This last week it has really caused me some grief - for no reason which is annoying.

However - 

I know that I am lucky to be alive, let alone walking, let alone symptom free most of the time.  So overall I am very thankful - just occasionally I get to screaming!!
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Thanks for letting me ramble!!