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Poppy Wreath

Remembering ANZAC Day

I have actually just re-watched the TV series of ANZACs, so it has certainly been a day of remembrance for me today.  My grandfathher fouught in the same areas (except for Gallipoli), and ironically my other Grandfather's best friend from the mid 20's, untill he died in 1970 lost a leg at Gallipoli.

So, yes I have made ANZAC biscuits (and this year as I am not at work I get to eat them all myself!!)

Here are a few photos I took in 2018 on The Western Front - at Tyne Cott Cemetery, and Caterpiller Valley Cemetery.

 photo Hooge Crater Cemetery 10_zpsps86rpfn.jpg

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They shall grow not old. as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary, not the years condemn
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them
Wine glass at sunset

I Am Alive

Sorry folks - I had an amazing holiday ... just so full on, so much so I am all behind with my personal journal, let alone here ... but I will post some of the photos and history at some point.

As ever I am all behind with comments.  I also haven't (yet) posted the photos of my day-trips I did over Easter ... and they should be up later (fingers crossed).

I also didn't post on Monday or Wednesday - so belated wishes ...

Happy St. George's Day

Best wishes for ANZAC Day

I work with a Kiwi, so made some ANZAC biscuits to take in.

Any way if I have missed any news, please PM me, as I am disabling comments in the hope of eventually catching up ... and as I am posting more later, I don't want to be swamped ... in case there are still people out there who read my rubbish!
WW1 Grave

Happy ANZAC Day

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Best wishes to all who remembered this morning at dawn.

Normally on a Tuesday morning I go to the gym before work, but on Saturday evening I pulled my calf muscle, just where I tore it 4 years ago ... it is not happy (and neither am I). So this morning I have made some ANZAC biscuits to take to work this afternoon ... my boss is a Kiwi, and seemed stunned I knew what the date was!

I am then popping out to the shops to get some new shoes to wear to the gym, when I started this I only bought plimsolls as I didn't think I would stick at it, but with old ankle and Achilles injuries I need to be sensible.

I will try to both catch up with replies at some point, and get some photos taken of my conservatory, and other work I've had done.
Sword of Sacrifice


Remembering ANZAC Day .... take a moment and stop to think of the sacrifice of those first ANZACs at Gallipoli, those who have died since, those who continue to suffer ... and those who mourn.

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Poppy Wreath


In remeberance of those who climed the cliffs of ANZAC cove in 1915 ... and for those who fought in foreign fields, before and since ... For those who never returned, for those who mourn ... and for those who returned, but are forever changed by their experiences.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

"The Green Fields of France" is a song written in 1976 by Scottish-Australian singer-songwriter Eric Bogle, reflecting on the grave of a young man who died in World War I. The video is set to the song the Green Fields of France by the Fureys. The Fureys sing this song live.

Adventure before dementia

Happy ANZAC Day

This is just to wish all my flist -m especially the Australians and New Zealanders among you a very special ANZAC day - Don't forget the cookies (I shall be making myself some to have with my tea, even though I am a Pommy!)