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Eternal Refuge

Because Everyone Needs Dreams.

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Life is a coin, you can spend it anyway you wish, but you can only spend it once.

As my user-name suggests I started watching "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" because I fell in love with one of the characters. The series had already been running for some years when I stumbled across it - and was hooked. The character of Spike was (and is) such, that however much I watch him and read about him there is always more to learn. He is an amazingly complex character - in all stages of his life.

The above banner was made for me by alwaysjbj

The pictures were made especially for me by lady_meander

Spike is an amazing character - but he was made more special by the actor who brought him to life - James Marsters. This amazing banner was made for me and shows James as both Spike and Captain John Hart from Torchwood.

The above banner was made for me by beanbeans

One of the many things I have to thank Spike for is having the courage to actually write a story about him. Having discovered all the fan sites, I realised that there were other people out there who adored the Spike-Buffy story, and so I became a Spuffy fan. I was always told never to bother, when I was at school, but having such inspiration gave me the extra push I needed. Having written my story I searched for my next step - and thus made my way to LJ.

Since then I have found some great friends and have been able to indulge my Spuffy-love all I want.

Most people will describe their particular "fandom" in different ways, but, for me, Spuffy is the ultimate of bad boy changing due to love of the good girl, who in turn has to allow herself the freedom to love. It is about trust and commitment, and can be seen in this scene captured by algoazul, especially for me. This shows where part of the inspiration for my Journal's title and banner come from.


The top colour bar was made by easy_to_corrupt, the second by all_choseny and the third was especially made for me by indigodiaries


These following two colour bars were made especially for me by blondebitz



The following colour bars were especially made for me by sweetgirl7808

This has also extended to James adoration! James Marsters is the person who got me hooked in the first place - and since then I have followed his career - and I went to my first ever concert ... I travelled up to hear James in London, and absolutely enjoyed that hour of Heaven!

Since then I have seen him twice in Cardiff and have travelled to London, both in May 2008 again in May 2009, where I was lucky enough to go to 2 concerts, as well as a fan-based event. 2010 has brought about a weekend trip to London with another gig plus a day long fan event, then a pre-christmas trip in 2011. It has been a huge pleasure to meet up with friends, but more importantly to, briefly, meet the man himself. I have had my photograph taken with him on each of those occasions, and those can be seen here.

As I have said, since coming to LJ I have gained some really wonderful friends, and the wonderful kudagirl made me this for Christmas 2010 was also made by kudagirl


Above colour bar was made by lady_meander

Above colour bar was made by sintonia

On a personal note - I am a Christian who is working as an Auxilliary Nurse in a large hospital in South Devon, having previously worked as an osteopath for the first 26 years of my working life. I am single.

Basically I just love life!

Eternal Refuge is the name of my Journal here, and the story of Spike and Buffy can be seen in those words. For me, on a personal basis, it also shows my abiding Faith in God ... for me that is Eternal, and God is my "Refuge and Strength". So, as you can see, the title has a double purpose.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Over the last year or so I have started to make a few basic icons, as well as continuing to write Spuffy Fan-Fiction. The icons have been for an assortment of fandoms including Buffy, the Vampire Slayer; Star Trek, Voyager; Farscape; Blake 7; Vampire Diaries; Stargate SG1; and for my faith in The Bible; as well as those of James Marsters and his assorted roles, as well as images from the events I have attended. If you want to see any of them then go and have a look at d4s_icons ... All are snaggable.

I have also enjoyed watching a few other shows, and especially like The Vampire Diaries, which is centered around 2 brothers ... as I have 2 brothers, maybe that's one of the reasons I love that aspect of the plot. As you can see I was given this lovely colour bar, that was made especially for my by all_choseny


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