I went to the doctors today and have been signed off for another 2 weeks. So, more daytime TV awaits! He has also sent me to have chest x-rays, becuse although he thinks I am OK, 6 weeks of illness needs confirmation.

So, Jiffy gets to have company for a bit longer ... he gets lunch every day, so he thinks it's great!!

7 If you could step into the TV and be part of a TV show, which one would it be?
Well, I think it would be Dr Who (no I don't want to battle the baddies), but wouldn't it be great to be able to see history and geography ... visit places I want and see history actually happening. I wonder if the history books are correct!
James - pointing finger

Obvious Answer Here

6 If you were to win a “shopping” spree in a store, where you could grab anything you want in five minutes, what store would you choose?

Silly question ... about the only thing I love buying is jewellery!

Questions, Questions, Questions

Well, just the one, actually!

5 Would you rather go to an amusement park, a zoo, or a sporting event?

Definately not sports, and it would depend on the zoo ... so if well run for the animals, and support of the wildlife, especially the endangered species, so if it is that it would be a zoo.

But, if not, then an amusement park, providing I don't have to go on any of the rides I don't want to.  I actually enjoyed my trip to Disney California in the end.
Spike - two faces

10 BtVS Icons

One advantage of being ill is that I am at home all the time, and now my laptop is back up I have been able to get this set of icons done fairly quickly. They are for [community profile] icons10in20 round 14, and the images are all from BtVS season 4

3’s a crowd Book(s) B&W canon Flower(s) Glow
 photo 3s a crowd_zpsn6pzxisz.jpg  photo Books_zpswjrya3gi.jpg  photo BampW canon_zpsss4lqk3r.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E2_0496_zpsbzz4wcer.jpg  photo Glow_zpsibfjq8gk.jpg
LGBTQ Movement Picspam Red Outfit Sentence
 photo LGBTQ_zpsg8sdgfzk.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E22_0577_zpscix0t8zw.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E17_0078_zps0jqmcl2s.jpg  photo Red Outfit_zpswxtc9azx.jpg  photo Sentence_zps9vt9ui6n.jpg

As ever, all the icons are snaggable, and credits (etc) are found over at my LJ icon journal - d4s_icons

And, an extra -
 photo Untitled_zpsmbnmuxpt.jpg

This was originally post on Dreamwidth
Jiffy - painting

Ooops, Missed A Day!

So much for the meme keeping me going!

Actually I wandered into work yesterday morning to drop some paperwork off, and by the time I came back I was totally exhausted. Mentally I am doing pretty well, but my energy levels are still non-existant. I am still coughing, but that is slowly settling, but after 6 weeks I am getting so, so frustrated. One of my friends at work said that my neighbour (who is a friend of hers), had actually heard my coughing!!

Anywa, I am getting there, but is just so slow, but I am trying to be a good girl and not push myself.

Anyway, on a more positive note, Jiffy is enjoying lots of cuddles. He is really slowing up (which has made my life easier for walking him), but hard to see him, as he doesn't want to walk very far at all, most of the time. He asks to play most evening, but after about one minute he has had enough. So it;'s sad to see - but as he will be 14 in May (DV) it's to be expected.

One thing I forgot to add to my post on the 2nd was that it was a palindrome day (whether UK or USA) ... 02.02.2020 ... it will be a few years before we have the next!

And, so to catch up -

3 What’s your favorite salad dressing?
I love salt, pepper and malt vinegar!
Although salad cream, or mustard-vinegar is OK

4 Is your home tidy right this minute?
Never!  My spare room is always a dumping ground.  At least with my convelescence I have a perfect excuse for the rest of the house being in a muddle (but just ask any of the family, I am never, ever tidy!!)

Happy Groundhog Day ....

... and happy birthday to my brother Nick!!

2 If you could redo today, what one thing would you do differently?

Actually nothing - I am still resting lots, and wouldn't do anything different with today


Thought I would do the meme this month ... see how it goes.

Feb 1 What is your birthstone and flower?

I am a June baby ... so my flower is a rose, and my birthstone is a pearl (or a moonstone.) As most of you know I love my jewellery and the most expensie items of jewellery I have bought for myself are pearls (so it was obviosly OK!!)

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Poppy Wreath

The Cost Of War

As I have just posted, I love cemeteries.  Exeter Cememtery has, like most around Britain, assorted War Graves.  However there is also a specific section dedicated to the dead of WWII - Commonwealth, German, Polish, Italian ... as well as some of the civilians killed my enemy action.

I do go to many war cemeteries, and go to the Cenotaph every year ... these people should never be forgotten.  By visiting they are remembered -

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Cross tombstone

A Morning Stroll

This morning I had to go out to drop off my sister-in-law's birthday pressie, so decided to combine it with my morning stroll with Jiffy.  We went to the cemetery that Mum & Dad are buried in.  I have always loved walking roung cemeteries, love reading the words and finding out some of the history and loves of those who have passed away.  Some of the wording is amazing ... I know when we were deciding what to put on Mum & Dad's stones we all talked about it, to have something we all loved.

Anyway, we didn't go to that half of the cememtery, and Jiffy enjoyed his stroll -
 photo 31st January 1_zpsq2bojwf2.jpg

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Sword of Sacrifice

Snowflake Challenge #15

In your own space, create your own challenge.

LOL - I had already started one last week, but am still going to use it as it is an on-going challenge.

so, every Friday I am going to take some photos, and post them. However they are not going to be my normal documentary-style images. I want to try various things as I really want to push my photography more. I did do a City & Guilds some years ago, so I want to get back to assorted styles, and challenges.

Last week I posted some (poor) photos of a foggy road ... but at least I did something, and will continue to do it (when not on holiday!!) This was originally post on Dreamwidth