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100 Meme - Film #3

One genre of film you will get to see over the next few weeks, is that of WWII films ... one of the best, IMHO is

I know most people have seen Saving Private Ryan ... and although (apparantly) more realistic the older film The Longest Day is a brilliant portrayal of those few days in June 1944 ... and the men and women, on both sides of the conflict. The film was shot in B&W (and later coloured) to give a documentary feel to it.

This is one of the many iconic images of the film -


I have stood on the top of Omaha Beach, and all I can say is that it's amazing that anyone survived.

The end credits have these words over the rousing theme tune, written by Paul Anka ...

Many men came here as soldiers
Many men will pass this way
Many men will count the hours
As they live the longest day
Many men are tired and weary
Many men are here to stay
Many men won't see the sunset
When it ends the longest day
The longest day the longest day
This will be the longest day
Filled with hopes and filled with fears
Filled with blood and sweat and tears
Many men the mighty thousands
Many men to victory
Marching on right into battle
In the longest day in history

The heroism and patriotism should never be forgotten ... neither should the loss and suffering.

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