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100 Meme - Film #2

I love Musicals ... so you will get a few on my list.

Guys and Dolls is probably a more unusual one to have as the first on the list.

I love Frank Sinatra, and we have a slim looking Marlon Brando ... well, there are a couple of good reasons!

If you don't know the story, look here ... but basically Frank Sinatra plays a guy who runs a Crap game and he bets Marlon Brando (a big time gambler) that he can't get a date with Jean Simmons (who plays a Salvation Army gal) ... Marlo manages by actually betting with Jean that sh has the wrng Bible verse on the table!

It is a story of love and the changes that the 5 main characters are willing to make to be with their loved ones.

There are some great songs ....

Frank Sinatra ... Guys and Dolls
The film title song (not the credits though)

Marlon Brando ... Luck Be A Lady
It's a song you hear on the radio, with other singers, yet here it is in context ... A Crap game in a sewer!

Overall, it is just a fun (and silly) way to spend a couple of hours!

Tags: 100 meme, frank sinatra, guys and dolls, musicals, you tube
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