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2007 - What A Great Year!

2007 has been my first full year in LJ and I have enjoyed it - and have made some really great friends.  Thank you for that friendship, it does mean a lot.

So what else can I say to sum up my year -

Yes, no report will be anything without mentioning him.

Having never before been to a concert that I wasn't playing in I travelled up to London in May and went to the amazing concert in Islington.  It was great - everyone was friendly - the atmosphere was very special.  I then went to Milton Keynes, just to have my picture taken!  That was when I found out that what others had already said were true - James is an amazing man, with a great ability to make you feel truly special ... Thank you, James!

I then travelled to see him in July - and was one of the few people who had no problems with the weather - there and back was easy going.

Then back to Cardiff in November to go to my first ever fan event - and, yet again, thoroughly enjoyed myself.  It was lovely to meet some more on my f-list ... and even to meet someone who later joined my f-list.  And ... 2 pictures ... and the autographs ... For me that was a few moments in Heaven!

Now I wait to see "P.S. I Love You" when it is finally in England ... and to see what dates he will be around for this year.


Business has been slow and with the fact I no longer work at the riding stables the bank account has looked a little empty from time to time.  But there are a lot of people a lot worse off than me - I stll have food on the table.

I do love my job - it is great to be able to help people who are in pain.


When we left the stables I said I would keep a diary of my life with DJ and I have!  We have had a great year.

I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks now - and it will probably be another 3 or 4 more before I can think about riding.  However, Toni is keeping him supplied with carrots - and he has his friends around him, so he is OK.


Our orchestra only did 2 concerts this year - and I was unable to play in any of the concerts that the 2 Bands I am a member of play in.

All 3 groups have been very supportive of my health problems this year - so hope that will continue as I face the rehab on my hand.


WOW - What a year!

The chest infection that I had at Easter that stopped me from playing my clarinet by May is about 90% gone now.  Don't know how much I could play now, but I was able to sing in our Church carol service - something I hadn't been able to do since May, either.  

So that's the good news - Now it's the hand.

It is still bleeding - and in the New Year I need to get onto the hospital to get a proper check on it, rather than the alternate day dressings by nurses.  I am getting really good at doing most things one-handed.  But wearing a sling is illing my neck!  Still - I came close to loosing the finger - so this is all OK.


Nothing has really changed at our Chapel - a couple of people have left, a couple have joined.  I am still on the coffee rota - although one-handed it is the biscuits I carry, not the cups!


I am still single, as most of you know.  My parents are well - Dad especially after his Christmas Eve surgery.

Both my brothers are well - as are their wives.  The youngest was 40 in June.  The elder of the 2 has 4 kids - but I shall rant about them at some other time!


I did complete a one-shot that I posted on 27th July on the anniversary of my Jaykub's death.  It was set immediately after "Chosen".

I am going to try to be more organised next year.


I thought I would finish on a high -

Last Easter I went to Northamptonshire with my parents and youngest brother and his wife ... and have just realised I never posted any pics (LOL)  Oh well - I can, if you want.

Then in October I went to Kos and a day trip tp Turkey with Mum and Dad.

Both were reall great holidays.

Well - that's my year - Can't really call it a summary as it seemed to go on a bit.

So let me finish by wishin all my f-list a really great 2008.
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