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100 Meme - Film #1

In 1969 I stood with Mum & Dad in the back garden looking up at the moon, and slightly disappointed to not see a mini spaceship up there.

40 years later I sat in the lounge with Mum & Dad and watched

It was great to watch a piece of my (and world) history ... and even better to watch James! (Nice for Mum & Dad to see the reason I travel to London, and am dissappointed that this year I wont be going.)

The film is great at showing both the actual trip, but also the back story, and makes you realise how amazingly brave those pioneers were. I hadn't realises till I saw it that there was no certainty that Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin would ever get home again.

Brilliant film - whether to catch up on 20th century history, or just to watch James (one shot is of him in the shower!!!)

Part one of it is here -


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