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That Was Depressing!

I have made a real positive note over the last couple of weeks not to procrastinate.  And so far I am doing well.

I am actually clearing my bedroom ready to paint as the matt mushroom colour is quite depressing!  So, as I had some of the tangerine colour left from the study I am using that on half, cream on most of the rest ... and maybe a bit of bright orange! 

Today I have the day off as Christine is coming over after lunch, to see the house and then we are going to go into Exeter to do some shopping ... or a wander round.

I must take some pics!

Anyway, so far the title doesn't make sense, does it? 

Do you remember when I was out of work I swam twice a week - doing 30 - 35 lengths each time.  Well, I went again today.  After all, I'm on my feet all the time, it shouldn't be too bad ... 7 lengths in and my bad leg starts going numb.  I struggled to 10 legths, which I shouldn't have done as I wondered if I would ever get out the pool again!

Anyway, that's sad - but I shall keep going, every week.  (Yes, I'm stubborn)
Tags: decorating, swimming

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