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Time To Meme ... And A Bit Of An Update

I have had a pretty good week - busy at work, but have made a determined effort to do "something" each day ... whether it is to write owing letters, or go shopping.  Procrastination and I are great friends!  As I have just said ina  recent icon post, even my artwork gets delayed.  I want to get back to some writing, as well as still wanting to decorate my bedroom in the next few weeks ... so have made a good effort this week.

I have had a shift each day and have worked on a variety of wards, so that I suppose, has made things interesting and kept me focussed.

But, yes, a good week.

And, as part of my focus I even said I would "meme" ... I still have the 5 character meme to finish but am finding my letter hard.  So curiouswombat I haven't forgotten.

Until then I have items to talk about that lupina78 has listed -

Great Britain
Favourite Fandom
Four-legged friends
James Marsters (you didn´t think I´d leave him out of this, did you? *gg*)

Great Britain

I am English and that is part of Great Britain. Sadly, like the rest of the world, the great may not be so noticible ... However if you stop and look at the varity of towns, scenery, and peoples .... and especially the history, you will see that it is GREAT Britain.

Wherever you live in the country you are near ancient history. Be it the Churches, castles, or earthworks around. There are stunning places to see, but if you take a moment to think about it you will realise the lives lived, loved and died around us.

Our scenery is spectacular, from craggy mountains in Scotland and Wales, flat beaches on the south coast, rivers throughout the country, woods, moors, etc. So much to see ... and so many of them have directed our history.

So, yes, I love Great Britain.


My family is everything. As most of you know, I was bullied, but through that my family loved and supported me ... that has made an unbroken bond. Now I can help Mum & Dad by doing work aroung house and garden. It may be old fashioned ... but it is something special. Nick & Tim are great. Nick & I have our problems, yet I know I could pick up the phone now and he would "be there". Tim is a great friend.

I know I am lucky to have such special people in my life ... even if they do drive me scatty from time to time!

Favourite Fandom

Well I suppose I can say James here ... but as his name appears in the list, it is the few TV shows I watch.

I don't actually have a TV at my plave, only a DVD player. But, I love a few shows. As I said yesterday I am re-watching BtVS ... but also Stargate SG1 and Blakes 7. They, with Voyager are shows I love - sci fi ones. Two of the 3 have a great (IMHO) underlying storyline of "unrequited love". I like those shows as in each of them the characters have strong characters ... love them or hate them, they are "real" people. The only other show I watch is Vampire Diaries ... another set of stron characters with good storylines (and Damon is pretty easy on the eye!)


I like a lot of music ... being born in 1961 I grew up with The Beatles in my early days .... I like music with a good tempo, a "tune" ... and words that mean something. I like 60's and 40's Big Band music. Some of the 70's music brings great memories.

Other than that I like Cole Porter ... the real collaboration of smart words and a great tune. Having played in Bude orchestra for 25+ years I have played many composers, and my favourite, for overall music is Beethoven, no doubt about that.

But, there again, sometimes I hear a piece on the radio that stops me in my tracks ... I may not know who it is, but the words, or music just strike me.

Four-legged friends

They love you whatever is happening. It is often commented that if you are late they are happy to see you ... 2 legged friends are more often than not annoyed!

They give a thousand times more than they recieve - and just love you whatever your faults and problems. They don't look at the style of your clothes, your pay packet or where you went on holiday they just want to be loved, and love in return.

I have been priviledged to live with 3 dogs that Mum owns.
Perry - a blue roan Spaniel who didn't live to be 5 and was the first someone to brak my heart when he died.
Misty a white Spaniel who lived to be 15 and although he suffered a lot of ill health he was vary patient ... to watch him walking when blind was a real lesson for us all.
Jiffy - the bundle of fun who you all know about.

And how can I forget -
Jaykub - my Welsh Cob who died when 10 and broke my heart doing so.
DJ - my name sake, a Dappled Grey Connemara, who I helped train and is now living "up the road from the Queen"

When Perry died I said I never wanted to have another animal in my life - Mum said then, that the greater the pain at their loss meabs the greater the love you have shared.

James Marsters

What can I say about James that I haven't already said.

The first time I met him I was stunned by his personal focus on every single fan, his patience with us when we were drowning in JamesFog.

As I have seen him perform live in his London Events his talents shine through. I just wish that he would be discovered and get his own film/breakthrough show so that he could both know that he was good at his job, but also that more people could discover that.

My one real hope is that he knows how much he is appreciated by so many. How many of you who read this are only on LJ because of him. Without him I would never have attempted to write ... and thus found LJ and thus learnt to make icons.

Thank you James - you are one incredibly special person.


I read a lot - although mostly Spuffy fan fic on my Kindle.

However I love books - have a study (now .... squeeeeeeeee) full of them. I love factual books, history ones. Glossy ones that I can pick up and put down. Although I love my Kindle I do also love the feel of a real book. My Bible reading is always froma "book" even though I have 2 versions of The Bible on my Kindle.

I have a couple of Victorian books - and they are great to read, both for the language and style, and just the feel of the book.

And, if you are going to have a soak in a bath you can't not have a mushy romance novel (to go with the chocolate!)?

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