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Buffy Re-Watch .... At Long Last, Another Episode

I suppose people will think, if they noticed in the first place, that I have abandoned my re-watch of BtVS.  No, I haven't .. although RL has been a bit of a pain!  It's annoying that I have to pay bills and therefore work ... this needs to be changed.

Anyway .... Never Kill A Boy On The First Date is next on my list  ... and here are a few thoughts.

The opening is funny and well choregraphed.  Starting with a fight between Buffy & a vampire ... and as she stakes hi, Giles pops up from behind a tombstone to give her critique.  I know the only way to lear is to be watched, but it still seems a bizarre concept.  However, in mid-comment, Giles spots a ring on the ground, which leads Buffy to comment that they could make a fortune ... she kills them, he sells their belongings.  However he just says that he must "consult his books".

The series continues the jump from Buffy & Giles to the Master in his lair ... also "consulting the books".  However he reads it as if he is a preacher reading from The Bible  ... including the statement "Here endeth the lesson".

From the dark of the baddie, it is great to see Buffy & Willow being 16 year old girls, worried about boys.  For them, even though they face hoor all the time, their main worry is a lack of a boyfriend.   As they talk about this, Giles says that the ring is a "big deal" ... and it is funny to hear him say that he has worked out the date to that night ... the night of "the" date ... and yes, he wished he could go back in a time machine so that he could fit in with Buffy's plans.

I never thought I would feel sorry for Xander, but I do here.  He is being a good friend, helping buffy chose what to wear for her date with Owen ... all the time very jealous.  I suppose it is what many of us have ... on the outside, watching those we fancy go off with others.

Buffy tells Giles that if the apocolypse comes, he can "beep her" ... I'm sure not what Giles would want to do, seeing as he still hates computers.  She does however, promise not ot "wear a badge saying I'm a Slayer, ask me how"

No apocolypse ... but a bus crash ... and the obvious question by the driver ... "Everyone OK".  Buffy was therefore sitting in the graveyard and worries how she can explain that to Owen .... "I was sitting in a graveyard waiting for a vampire to rise so I could prevent a prophecy" ....Although when it came to actually facing Owen she managed to mumble a lot and be vague and girly ... thus arranging to meet that night instead.

She haeds off to The Bronze ... and Giles heads off to the funeral home.  He is very nervous as he approaches, which makes me wonder why he just sends Buffy out evry night into that situation!  Buffy's date is going well, but on the sidelines Angel arrives, with a great mini scene of Cordelia trying to chat him up.  Cordy at her best!

Angel, then Xander & Willow come to tell Buffy about Giles.  So she tries sending Owen home ... which doesn't work.  As the date moves to a new location you see Buffy at her smartest ... thinking on her feet to save Owen from finding out what is happening, and then in saing Giles and killing the vampire.   Fortunately to aid the secrecy Owen is knocked out, so missed the final fight.  Her outfit though really made me think of those that SMG wore in the Scooby Doo films!

The following day, Owen is enthused by how much he loved it all ... and sadly Buffy realises that it is the danger he is attracted to, not Buffy the girl.

Giles is great, again, at his father/watcher role ... being supportive in her break-up, talking of responsibility and sacrifice.  And they are happy to know that whatever personal happened, they stopped the Annointed One from rising.

Leaving us with the final shot of The Master (in blue lighting)  welcoming a child .... "Who will lead the slayer into Hell."


It was an episode that I enjoyed ... lovely to see Buffy trying to combine being a 16 year old girl and The Slayer.  A combination that she will continue to battle as the seasons unfold.

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