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Just Catching Up

First let me thank all my great friends for all their positive thoughts and love for both Dad and myself.

My Dad is doing great - he is no more tired than normal, even though it was a general anesthaetic that he had.  He saw his doctor this afternoon and he said that within another week life will be back to normal - he is healing fast, and the hernia appears "gone".

As to me - slightly different story!  I still go every 2 days for clean bandages - and the doctor has now signed me off for another month - which, when you are self-employed (without private insurance) is no fun!  I am still at Mum and Dad's and will go back to my place one day next week - and hopefully will have my next hospital appointment waiting for me.  Still -I keep positive to remember that I have the finger - and there are many millions worse off than me - some of whom will be reading this - so to those, sorry if you think I am bitching!!  I still have my arm in a sling all the time, except when I need to drive.

Now for some Christmas thoughts - which I shall put behind a cut as there are a couple of pic ... and a bit of a ramble!!

Christmas was great - this year, as we have for the last few years my brother Tim and his wife came over for the day.  I can honestly say that everyone liked all their pressies.  

I was thoroughly spoiled - Mum ad Dad bought me 2 pairs of earings - one of which were ruby and diamond.  Tim bought me a MP3 player and some bits; while my brother Nick bought me a DVD set of Danger UXB - a series from the 70s starring Anthony Andrews (hope it is as good as I remembered)

Then Boxing Day it was our turn to go to Tims ... about a 35 minute drive.  Again it was a lovely day - and yet again we ate far too much -

As you can see - Dad is looking really well - 2 days after his op.

We went for a walk without Dad in the afternoon - and then after tea it was time to get Jiffy  in his harness for the trip home - 

I did remember to remove the hat before getting in the car!!

Well, thats me done!!

I am now off to watch Dr Who as Mum and Dad are watching something else - and I haven't been able to see it yet. 
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