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Must Catch Up ....

... Well, I have realised that with Mum & Dad's diamond anniversary the scribbling here has decreased again - and I did threaten you with reagular rubbish.  As I have looked back over the last few LJ pages and read a catch-up post from a friend I thought I ought to do the same.

Work continues - and today was typical of what my day is like .... rushing.  The hospital have had to cut a few staff numbers, but the jobs are still there to do to take care of the patients.  I ended up doing 1/2 a shift on one ward, and 1/2 on another ... which makes life hard, but is because I am willing to do it, as I want the best for the patients ... sounds "corny" - but something I have always believed in.

It was nice when I got back from work this afternoon at 1/4 to 4 to be able to have a long cold soda sitting in the back garden.  I'm not a fan of sitting in the sun, but for 1/2 an hour of sun and fresh air, it can't be beaten.

On LJ it is good to see a few friends, who like me have been busy, back and posting - so that makes me happy.  I miss my friends when they are away.  I am also enjoying the spuffy_recs  ... a new site that is, as the name suggests, full of Spuffy story recs, and I have quite a few to check on.  Sadly, although I had really planned to get to writerconukthis year it looks as if I wont be able to.  I have heard from a friend in Idaho that she is hoping to come for 10 days at the end of May. 

Annemarie and I have known each other all our lives - I was her Maid of Honour in '89 when she married in Michigan.  She looks on Mum as her surrogate mum, as when her's died, her dad re-married 6 months later ...a nd she spent much of that year in our house in Upminster (Essex) .... she has hoped to visit for over 2 years, but it looks as if this May will be the date.  It will be great to see her, but I will need to spend the time at M&D's while she is over.

I also have a couple of memes to do ... so will try to get at least one of them done soon (ish!). And, I have watched the next episode of season 1 of BtVS ... so must get some thoughts about that done.

James has posted details of how he will celebrate his 50th with fans - I would love to have gone to that.  But know that's an impossibility ... just hope that, on the actual day, his family really spoil him rotten.  I enjoyed my 50th, so it's good to have a day to look back on.

I still haven't got back to my writing - but am planning to get 4 sets of icons done next month, rather than the 3 I did this month, so that's something positive.

Well, that seems to me back up to date - hope you are all keeping well.
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