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Yay, Monday Evening

.... And I can use the internet.  It's funny how you get excited over the simple things of life.  Although, I suppose if I was talking to my grandparents, they wouldn't think a worldwide audience was simple!  Back in context!

I had a good day today - on Saturday I bought a  couple of "thingies" (can't remember the word) of plants .... violas; and some compost.  So this mornig, washing on the line, bread in the bread maker .... and tubs sorted in the back garden.  It felt good.

Then, I went to work this afternoon, and it was a nice shift.

I heard from Dad that he has had the main dressing off his hand, and it's looking good.  Considering he is on asperin and 87, he is healing well.

Tomorrow I am working for 4 hours then changing to go and pick M&D up to go to Esther's funeral.
Tags: dad, garden, work

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