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Disc 1 Is Finished!

What am I talking about?  Yes, I have seen all 4 episodes of disc 1 of my DVD set of BtVS .... fun to watch ... making me smile at comments made that I know will change as the 7 seasons progress.

I didn't remember much about these 2 episodes, so it is good to have this excuse to re-watch, and focus, so I can scribble something.

What a classic opening to "The Witch" ... Buffy stating that she wants to do something safe and normal, so is aiming to try-out at cheerleading.  You just know that will jinx the day.

As the episode progresses it is good to see such a "bouncy" Giles .... as he is so happy to have "the thrill of living on the Hellmouth.  A veritable cornucopia of fiends, devils and ghouls".  So cheerful ... so English (and I can say that being English!).

Willow calls them the slayerettes - and Xander agrees that he is part of the team, even though he "laughs in the face of danger, then hides till it goes away.  I admit to not being a Xander fan, however I know that at the heart of it he is amazing, as the only "normal" human ... yet he stands up to what is going on, and does support Buffy.  Maybe for the wrong reasons, but at least he does give it a go.

The couple of Buffy/Joyce scenes are great.  I know I have often said my parents never understand me, as we all do ... Here are the classics of Joyce not quite knowing what Buffy is getting up to, providing she is going well and not seeing the strength Buffy possesses.  In a later scene, Buffy actually says that she is a Vampire Slayer, yet Joyce fails to notice it.

I love how Buffy really tries to support Amy throughout this episode,a nd is part of the reason she works out what is wrong.  She does try to befriend her, as she has Willow.  A great side of Buffy's life that I had somehow forgotten.

As ever people don't really change - Cordy's great idea was "I have a dream, me on a Cheerleading Squad, adored by every Varsity male as far as the eye can see."  A great I-have-a-dream speach ... and the positive self image is something I could do with gaining ... although maybe not as much as that!

The scene of THE witch is so sterio-typed as to be great ... complete with bubbling cauldron.  Wonderful image.

One of the conversations between Xander and Willow made me smile (as we know what will happen).  He moans that having "invisible man syndrome" is truly a blessing in Cordelia's case, but a curse in Buffy's.  Willow agrees ... and Xander's answer is what made me smirk .... "Yes, you don't have to drive it through my head like a railway spike"  (Image of a future character???)

One thing that did amaze me as I watched was seeing dissection done in biology lessons.  It was something that I had done at school, but thought it was no longer done.  That and a combination of chemistry experiments made for a scary lesson (witch, or not).

I do wonder why Buffy is the only one wearing black shoes in the try-out, but maybe it is just so you know who is who.  As the trial goes wrong it is lovely to see Giles, the Watcher turn into Giles, the father-figure.  Even to putting his coat under her head to make sure she is comfy, as well as cared for.  However by the time of the fight we then get to see him unconscious ... his first of many!

Joyce finally states that she just doesn't get Buffy @ 16!  However the final, and best insult, has to go to Amy, who said to Cordy that she would "miss the intellectual thrill of spelling out words with her arms"  Maybe being English means that I can relate to that. although I know for many in America cheer-leading is a big thing, so it was good to get some insight into it.

I then didn't take the disc out ... just had to continue ... to

I had forgotten the start completely, and again knowing the story, this is very similar to near the end of season 7 ... Xander dreams, of Buffy (or the potentials) being in awe of him.

Buffy tends to think of herself as "The Slayer" ... and nothing else. This theme re-occurs throughout the show. yet Dr Gregory remnids her that she has a great brain ... and as this episode shows, she can work through a problem, fast.

Angel again pops in and out ... giving her his jacket (to show off his physique), but also to tell her someone was after her. Thoughout season 1 this is how Angel seems - tall, muscular, aloof. Just the type of person a 16 year old will fantasize about.

Buffy does look for the fork guy, and although doesn't catch him, she does notice his reaction to Miss French.

Mr Flutie is yet again showing his hyper-positive attitude. Rather than letting Buffy go to class he wants her to see a councellor.

As the day progresses and Buffy hears that Xander is going to Miss French's house, she tries to warn him, however he just thinks that it proves she is jealous.

Buffy gets everyone organised as the evening progresses - Willow in finding an address, and Giles in recording the bat sounds, as she knows that she is dealing with an insect. When they get to the wrong place, she re-thinks and goes looking for the fork guy to lead her. After which, Buffy demonstrates to a vampire how dangerous it is to live in a house with a picket fence!!

I do love Miss French, in insect form, going "Eenie, Meanie, Mynie, Mo" ...a classic scene IMHO!

With a final scene of Blain and Xander being so pleased to be rescued, until Willow and Giles mentions that they must be virgins ... then suddenly, teenage males decide that the whole thing never happened ... and that particular fact must be wrong!!

Just as the cridits roll we see the final glimpse of a possible scary future ... more eggs

So, I have finished disc 1 ... disc 2 must be started soon!

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