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I'm Back!


Did you miss me?  Did I miss anything - after 5 days away I know I won't be able to catch up ... so if you have news, or fun - or something silly, please throw me a link!

Its been a good week - although slightly weird, as I did 2 shifts on A&E ... having been there a year and not going there I had 2 shifts - was I worried!  It was completeyly different and a lot of responsibility, but the support by all the staff was great.  I also did an out-patients clinic, which was different (but wouldn't want to do them too often!)

Lats week I said I had forgotten the camera - so here are the pics of Mum & Dad having lunch in my kitchen ... and Jiffy trying out my new furniture.



Tags: exeter, house sale, jiffy, mum and dad, update

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