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A Fun Day

Had a good day today - a day off work!

I took Mum, Dad & Jiffy to my place for lunch ... to celebrate mum's birthday, and have a mini house-warming ... and so they can see the decorating progress. I did get a couple of photos, but guess what ... my camera is on my coffee table, and I'm back at M&D's, so you will have to wait to see them.

Tomorrow I am spending some of the day with my friend from Church - so I am going to borrow Mum's camera, in case I go anywhere worth taking a snap-shot of. I also have to go to the bank to pay some bills ... so that's not so much fun.

Now I am going to do some icon-making ... but before I go I shall do this meme that I snagged from lupina78

1. Do you put anything besides cheese on grilled cheese sandwiches?
No - although I have in the past added Marmite.

2. Do you suffer from headaches caused by caffeine-withdrawal?
No - but I get bad-tempered if I don't have tannin ... Mum & Dad have noticed that on holiday! I can drik coffee and no help - I need my tea!

3. When consuming a beverage that comes in a can, do you prefer to drink it directly from the can or do you pour it into a cup?
From the can.

4. Are there times when you think your reflection looks amazing, but you take a picture and it looks like crap?
I have a problem looking at myself - I know I shouldn't, but I do. So can't really say I have an answer to this!

5. What do you do to cure a headache?
They are pretty rare - but if I do, then it's one high-dose pain killer.

6. Have you ever used
Who? What?

7. Do you still possess any belongings from your childhood? Do they hold some special significance?
I have all my toysm many of my cards, most of my books. I don't throw anything - which caused problems with the move - LOL Memories are special, aren't they?

8. Would you rather sit in a recliner or a rocking chair?
Depends why? Mostly a good comfy chair, or the floor!

9. Do you have any cards from restaurants that you get stamped every time you visit, and after a certain number of purchases you get a free meal/drink?
I so rarely buy food/drinks out of any sort ... no! I do use my supermarket loyalty cards though.

10. When it comes to books, what do you think is the "perfect" amount of pages?
Depends what it's about - how big the print .... I like all sorts of shapes and sizes - as you could see in the picture of my study at the weekend.

11. Do you take advantage of calendars being on sale during the end of January, or do you just buy them for their regular price when they first come out?
If I have a calender it's because someone gave me one for Christmas! This year, in my kitchen, I have one of Bude which a friend from there gave me - so that is really nice.

12. If you have a Facebook, do you ever set yourself to offline mode just to avoid one particular person?
So rare go on FB it's not a problem. I am linked to the BtVS re-watch page by email, so even that won't affect by using the site!

13. Would you ever be interested in going scuba diving?
No, NO, NO way

14. Have you ever absentmindedly [or even intentionally] pulled apart the aglets [plastic at the end] on your shoelaces/hoodie and ruined the lace?
I thought everyone did that!

15. Out of all of your friends/relatives, who would you say has the best vocabulary?
Both my brothers - wouldn't like to pick the best of those two.

16. When you are out of your house, where do you usually store your cell phone?

17. Do you ever use natural lighting to light your house [aka open the blinds] rather than use a lamp?
Natural light ... not great for much lighting, so usually only have one lamp on however dark it is. I like candle light, as well!

18. Are any of your fingers or toes deformed?
All my fingers have early arthritis - and my damaged finger (of 3years ago) is twisted. But basically, considering my work and how accident prone I am, they are OK for my age.

19. When yawning, do you cover your mouth?
I do try to remember when alone - but always when out.

20. If you had a garden, what would you plant in it?
Grass. And tubs! I hate weeding!

21. What is a hobby/activity that you find relaxing? Is this something you often get the chance to do?
Reading. Jigsaws.
I read a lot, every day - my Kindle goes everywhere. Great to unwind in my brief lunch-break.

22. Are there any eyeshadow shades that simply do not look good on you?
Make-up is not something I can do ... never experimented as a teen, and daren't now.

23. Do you think cable/satellite is worth paying for when things like Netflix and Hulu exist?
I never look at TV as I don't have a working one at present ... I watch DVDs ... and am very boring in that I love to re-watch things. So, no, I have never got cable ... and probably won't.

24. If you were in a room with no escape for twenty minutes, which of the following smells would you more easily be able to tolerate [and you're not allowed to cover your mouth/nose or anything!] - bleach, cigarette smoke, heavy perfume, skunk, vomit.
Vomit (that still turns my stomach at work) or heavy perfume ... some of them make me queasy (although I think I could tolerate it easier)

25. Do you think greeting cards are a waste of money?
I love giving and receiving cards - although I think the prices on some are exhorbitant. The card I bought mum was perfect - but it cost £4.50 ... and although I paid, I can't see how they can explain that costing.
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