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..... No, it's not Friday!

I came back early this week as it's mummy's birthday today.  I had my annual update (AKA boredom) today, so couldn't get here till tea time.  Tim & Claire arrived soon after, so we had a nice relaxing evening.

I really want to thank the most awsome ladies ..... pamsblau      angearia   and rivertempest  for the lovely Valentines hearts ... they are lovely.  I hadn't even noticed the LJ offer, so were even more special.  Nice when you are single to be rememberd by friends.  Thank You Ladies.

Right, I did flick back over a few pages of my f-list, but if I missed anything since Sunday, please shove me in that direction.

Hope you are all OK - and please see in my previous post that I am doing what I promised myself I would do ... a BtVS re-watch.

Tags: mum, re-watch btvs, thanks, valentines day

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