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Wow – I Had Forgotten A Lot!

Last week I commented on a friends post that I was meaning to re-watch BtVS from beginning to end. It is something that I had talked of doing last year and never got round to it.

fenchurche replied to me that there was a FaceBook link that a few people were going to do it! So, even knowing what I think of FB in general, I clicked the link. It’s a small group and Episdoe 1 was being watched that very night. I didn’t have the DVD with me, as I was at Mum & Dad’s, so watched it Sunday evening when I got back to my place.

I had forgotten how it started – and so it still made me jump! Darla was great as the timid schoolgirl.... Turning to a Master Vampire in a twist of her body.

I “loved” the nightmare sequence – great to show the terrors that a Slayer has to deal with, both while awake and asleep.

Giles was great as stuffy librarian.... And the banter that he and Buffy shared on their second meeting was lovely. It was good to see that relationship again in its early stages.

Naive Willow and Xander were lovely to see, and I was reminded why Buffy became friends with them. However it was fun to see that Cordelia was still Cordelia! Angel seemed weird – but not as creepy as I remembered (I will try and keep an open and positive mind about him *g*)

It was great to see Joyce and her positive thoughts about the move and a new start – sadly quite an underused character - IMHO

One of my favourite layouts was that of The Master – I had forgotten the intricate design there.


Well that’s a few thoughts I had about the episode ... let’s see what the future holds!

Then last night I got a link that the next episode was on the “to-do” of the day.

I still like the whole Master’s layout – and my favourite scene at the start was seeing a bashful Luke reminding him that he had been overpowered in 1843. Luke was certainly a great vampire, and I do wonder what his back history was. Later in the episode you see the ritual that turns Luke into the vessel – another great scene, that makes me think of the back story.

Geeky Willow is fun, but Xander is already showing his character of not listening. However many people told him, he still rushed after Buffy.

Mr Flutie is great, isn’t he? So bouncy and positive in his “happy” attitude; whereas Angel’s comment that he was “afraid” stunned me, as I had never noticed it. But I suppose I know who he is now, and that maybe colours that thought.

It was great to see Harmony and Cordelia being so “girly” ... and even better to see Willow getting the last word in!

It was good to hear the history of the original Spanish settlers, and their name for “The Hell Mouth”. Giles is a fount of knowledge.

A couple of final thoughts on this great episode are these two quotes –

Joyce to Buffy – “If you don’t go out it’ll be the end of the world. Everything is life and death to a sixteen year old girl”

Giles to Xander – “Jesse is dead. You are not looking at your friend but at the thing that killed him.”

Those two quotes set a lot of the tone for the whole series, don’t they?

However I leave my thoughts on these opening episodes with this great image of The Slayer, as she kills the vessel.


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