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My Week ... Another Update

Not much to say about the week - except it was a good one at work - so nice, busy shifts.  The time goes quickly and the patients were all ill, but not too poorly.

I finished my bathroom - and got the lino down.  So that's one room almost done.  A couple of things are still to be unpacked, when I can get at that box ... an ornament, toothbrush holder, etc.  But other than it, it looks good, and is nice to have a shower in the morning in "my" bathroom.

I have started the painting of my study ... the shelves are all undercoated (it took 3 hours!) ... so hope to get them painted this week.  I also got a first coat of paint on the walls ... a softy orange (Pictures to follow at the end).

One other task I have done is to pay for my sofa and chair, and organise for them to be delivered .  I have always had 2nd hand furniture ... but decided as part of the move to buy new.  An expense, but something I wanted to do ... hppe they are as good and comfy as they felt in the shop!

Started one of my resolutions this week as well - proper reciped for cooking.  Something I had got out of the habit of, and wanted to re-start.  Mum & Dad bought me a breadmaker as a house-warming gift, so have had that, but this week made some rolls as well.  Also a recipe for mince that I first did when I was 11 at school.  I enjoyed it, and will continue to dig out the recipes ... I have promised myself.

The final thing I have done is to check out details of how to order a "telegram" from the Queen.  Come March it is Mum & Dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary ... so wanted to find out how to order their telegram.

Right, I must get on ... and sort out some pictures to make some icons ... Blakes 7 is calling.

Hope you have all had a good week.
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