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LJ Managed To Confuse Tim Last Night!

As you know I don't get internet at my place yet, and last night I truly worried.  I was just falling asleep when I realised I hadn't checked my emails ... and then couldn't relax.  So had a quick check ... and a message from LJ saying my credit card was out of date for the automatic update ... fine I have 2 weeks to go.  Then another saying the extra Userpics would end on the 2nd, as the credit card was out.

Yes, no notice ... and I have over 200 uploaded.  So, I thought, fine, I can buy the update on PayPal and work out the rest this weekend ... NO ... my phone wouldn't let me go to Shop on LJ.

So, I text Tim ... by now it is 10.30 at night .... but he was up, and on the internet (he is doing the family tree).

He has an LJ account he doesn't use - and couldn't remember the passwords!  LJ wouldn't let him buy the icons, without updating the account as well ... so, my baby brother did the lot for me.  I now have to send him the money, but it was a panic for me for a couple of hours.

I'm just so thankful that I couldn't sleep until I had checked my emails - and even more thankful for my helpful baby brother!
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