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Having A Productive Day ...

... And still have plans for this afternoon!

Although I had my customary lie-in this morning, I still managed to go for a short walk with Jiffy .... to get some money out of a local cash point machine.  Not that my bank account was happy with that idea, despite being paid yesterday!

When we got back I had a quick LJ skim, and then cleaned the house - dusted and hoovered, as it's something Mum can no longer do.  While cleaning I dug out my mp3 ... and was suprised the battery was still charged - so that was fun, as I had forgotten to use it recently.  As ever, it was on my wavelength, because although it was on shuffle over 1/2 the tracks played were James, or Ghost of the Robot ... so that even made the dusting fun!

Then I gave Jiffy his bath - I decided that doing it before lunch meant he could catch some warmth of the sunshine, and now he is out on his daily patrol with dad.  When they get back, I lose the computer again, but need to go shopping anyway for a small pressie for both Nick & Claire who have birthdays next week.  And must practice - it will be the sax as my clarinet is in my place in Exeter.  Still haven't got the music for the concert, but am trying to get my embouchure back ... as I pointed out, no kissing to help me!

Hope to get some more letters written, as well - have written to Toni, but need to write to Nick, and my friend (from childhood days) in USA.

So, as you can say - it is a good day.

Hope your Saturday is going as well ... although hopefully with less noise, as, at present the neighbours are have a dead tree cut down!
Tags: clarinet, housework, james, jiffy, rl, shopping

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