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Me Update!

Wow - Friday is here - so I haz internet for the weekend.  Well, unless dad wants to use his computer!!

I have skimmed back a few pages on my friends page - but not the whole week, so please, if I missed something, kick me in that direction.

Its been another hectic week - work and decorating ... and to add to my bills, problems with the boiler!  Yes, the plumber was there when it went wrong (moving the gas pipe to fit the oven in) ... so I was able to get him to find out what bits he needs - he hopes to get back to me next week.

The decorating has been continuing -


Not a great picture, but is almost done (in a pale green) ... and last Wednesday I went out to buy the lino (which comes next Wed) ... and on the way back my exhaust fell off!

I had that done today, and as ever my car was one of 2 models, one with the expensive style exhaust, the other the cheepo version - yes, you guessed which one mine was!

Oh well, at least no bills tomorrow (I hope) - I want to get the house cleaned for Mum & Dad!

Hope you are all well - and enjoying 2012 ... miss you!!

Tags: car, decorating, house sale, update

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