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It'a All About Me!

At long last I get to try and catch up with the week.

When I wrote last week I was expecting the plumber all day Monday - yes, he came and did all the work ... plus more.  It turned out that as well as the loo not being attached to the floor, the overflow on the bath wasn't sealed in - so I was very lucky not to have lost the floor completely, and had the bath in the middle of the lounge!  Anyway, it's all now done - and I have actually started doing some of the painting ... white wood, and it will be a pale blue-green on the walls, with 1/2 being white tiles.  I just need to get the flooring organised and that's almost finished ... YAY!

On Thursday the plumber had to return as he was worried about the floor, so I ended up having the day off work, because ... YAY ... the bookcases for my study arrived.  This was the one thing I saw as soon as I looked round the house - so now I have the room half full of proper shelves ... so lots of painting to do!  Then I can get the boxes of books unpacked, and maybe get my guest room looking like a bedroom again.  Then I can also get the computer properly set up and look into phoneline and internet services again.

My new cooker also arrived on Thursday - so, a very expensive day!  I now have no excuses to not start properly cooking - one of the things I promised myself ... I will let you know how (or if) that works out!)

Work has remained busy - and good.  Always getting the shifts, and normally on wards I prefer, which is an added bonus.

I have been a bit lazy with the clarinet again - I must get myself more disciplined and practice for at leasta  few minutes each day.  Bude's concert date is less than 7 weeks time, and my mouth muscles are feeling very week ... more practice needed, or maybe take up kissing!!

Well, that's a brief run-down on my week.

I do miss you all during the week, and can't wait to get fully organised, and the internet back on.

Group *hugs*
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