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Winning The "Not-Very-Popular-Pony" Competetion!!

Friday - another lovely day.  I had arranged to go riding with both Ros and Toni, so got to Toni's early and brought in DJ ... so far, so good!!

I groomed him, put his saddle on and as I turned to walk out the door to get his bridle he went to barge past me - I pushed him back in - but, no DJ-the-naughty was in charge.

He continued to push past me, breaking the string that his rope was attached to.

I then did the obvious, but stupid thing of grabbing the rope to try to get him to listen to me ....Out of the stables we went - until he the spotted the open gate to the field (yes, as Toni was due in, I had left the gate) ... so at that point ...


Yes, gallop arrived and I lost my footing, my pony, ... and some blood!!

As I went to sit up from the lying position I ended up in I took one look at my left hand and didn't move .... My middle finger was facing the wrong way and all the rest I could see was "Yuck"  (I don't do blood!).  So I grabbed my left hand, straightening the finger as I did and lay back with the hand in the air to wait for help! 

Toni met DJ and yelled for me - as I answered she thought I had said I was OK, not that I wasn't.  Sop she collected DJ and carried on in with Smudge ... then she saw me!  Both ponies got tied to the gate as she was phoning her husband to bring the first aid kit .... and trying to get me to speak ... as I saw her, I will admit I felt myself fading ... when you know that someone will help, you do relax!

Anyway, to cut a long story short I ended up wrapped in horse blankets, with Toni holding my now bandaged arm, waiting for the ambulance.  I was too sick ... and too out of it to be moved ... It is over an hour to hospital from here.   Ros arrived just before the ambulance - so she was able to un-tack DJ and put both him and Smudge in stables.

While the ambulance men were trying to look at my hand, Toni used a one-word distraction on me .... "James"

So to the ambulance - and to hospital.

Once there, Toni having driven there was with me to keep chatting to me and afterwards was able to say what my finger looked like ... she was fascinated!!!  

She wasn't so happy with the amount of injections I had, as she doesn' do needles!  She couldn't see why the 2 I had in my leg, couldn't have gone in the cannula I already had in my arm for the morphine in the ambulance.  Although she did say she was fascinated watching the 2 nerve block injections going in!!

Well it turns out the dislocation was a blessing in disguise - as there was no muscle tears etc.  They think the nerves are intact - and no broken bones, although I have bone chips off each of the 3 bones of the finger.  

As I type this, I still have my arm in a sling.

I have to be back at the hospital tomorrow at 9am so that they can see if the tissue damage is healing OK - if not then I will bwe facing reconstructive plastic surgery.  The pain is not too bad - so at present I am hopeful ....I will report tomorrow!

So, if there are any out there who still wonder where I got the "Debris" part of my name from ....!!!!

Let me also finish with an apology as I owe some people answers to posts etc - I will get on them ASAP

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