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30 Day Meme - Self Portrait

Wow another weekend half way through - back to Exeter to night as the plumbers I told you about yesterday are coming early!

Church was good - we finished with a chorus that I first learnt when I was 9 and it's amazing how singing it brought back memories of the location. Nice when you get triggers of one thing leading from something else - music is very powerful, isn't it?

As you now know, internet use will be limited and last week my friend kudagirl  sent me a link to a 30 day photo meme someone on her list is doing. I told her I would do it next month. However, I am going to do day one today!

As you all know, I hate having my picture taken, but had to go in one of those photo-booth thingies yesterday ...Photobucket

In England photo ID driving licences came in years ago, but as my present one was (and is"clean") I never got it replaced. Now I have to change the address I have to send in a photo - so, that was the reason. I was told I had to have a neutral look on my face - I think I look as if I am fed up instead. It's horrible and will be on the licence for the next 20 years ... unless DVLA reject it!

Anyway - it is Day 1 of
1. Self-portrait
2. What you wore today
3. Clouds
4. Something green
5. From a high angle
6. From a low angle
7. Fruit
8. A bad habit
9. Someone you love
10. Childhood memory
11. Something blue
12. Sunset
13. Yourself with 13 things
14. Eyes
15. Silhouette
16. Long exposure
17. Technology
18. Your shoes
19. Something orange
20. Broken
21. Faceless self-portrait
22. Hands
23. Sunflare
24. Animal
25. Something pink
26. Close-up
27. From a distance
28. Flowers
29. Black and white
30. Self-portrait

The rest of the meme will follow as and when, with recurrent links as I go.

Happy Sunday everyone.

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