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House-Move Update

Well I still haven't got round to writing about last year ... and we are now a fortnight into this year and no real update.  Only having internet at weekends, or if I manage to grab a space after work in the internet cafe at work is a pain.  However, I've decided to let it drift for a few more weeks so that I get the current projects done before starting a new thing!

There are 2 things underway at my place.

Fistly I am having major plumbing work done on Monday .... as I have already mentioned my loo is not actually attached to the floor!  True!  So I am having to have a new floor, plus the the loo screwed down properly.  The washbasin was too tiny to be practical, so I'm having a new normal sized one, and the shower needed replacing.  Add to that the timer on my central heating was dead, the plumbers are going to be there all day ... and the bill will be humungous!  Still, I have the advantage in this, and everything that Tim & Claire are perfectionists, and have been able to rec good tradesmen.

The other project in hand is my tiny bedroom is going to become my "studio" ... well I do love my icon-work so the computer will be there, hence the name.  I am having shelves made, floor to ceiling on 1 1/2 walls ao all my books can go there. 

So those 2 are coming along well.

I have had all my door and window hinges serviced, and some replaced ... and had the smoke alarm re-furbished (living in a 3 story house it's essential) ... as well as new sockets put in the studio for the computer.

So, as you see, life is coming along well at the house.
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