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2 Rides Today!!

... and No, he didn't get extra carrots!

I know - I am mean!

Anyway, it was a cold morning again when I brought him in - but as the sun was out he was basically dry enough to brush. 

Once ready we headed out up the road with Toni and Junior.  The funny thing was that he turned in at Cherry's gate - obviously realising that we hadn't ridden together this week - Isn' he a clever boy!  (Although I suppose if he was really clever he would have known that today is Thursday and we usually meet up on a Wednesday!)

Anyway, we only went about 2/3 of a mile up the road before turning back.  Junior was due for new shoes, so had to be back in time for the farrier.

When we got back to the yard, I didn't get off - poor DJ - I sat there, finger-combing his mane while Toni un-tacked Junior and then tacked up Badger!  Yes - he hadn't been out all week, so we did a similar length walk.

DJ was not impressed - the fact that we were out for less time than normal didn't occur to him - all he knew was that he had been out twice!!

Anyway - a carrot and feed later and he went out to his field - at quite a brisk pace - he was probably worried I would change my mind and take him out again!

I brought Smudge back in when I came, so poor DJ didn't even have someone in his field to moan to!!

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