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Christmas Dickens - The Concert

What can I say about a James concert .... the only person I have ever seen "live"

He is a very special person, imho, and as his songs are all written by himself ... about himself.  He brings such personality, such individualty to the evening.

As ever, I can never remeber which songs he sang.  I have a photo of the set list, which wrigglerosie  snagged ... I couldn't get out of my seat, and she was in the front row!


He only spoke a little about a few songs ... mostly just played.  However he had great fun squeeeeeeeeeing about what would be on the "Ghost of the Robot" CD.  So that made him happy ... and us happier.  He pointed out a few songs that were new to the UK, including one that he didn't know if he should play in a Church (however I liked it, which should say something about whether it was OK to be performed there!)

His first song is one that always makes me feel incredibly sad - although I don't know if that's just me.  But there again, I'm also someone who finds "Smile" not a favourite (although a friend said why she liked it, and I now know why I find it hard to listen to!)

I love hearing "Layabout" ... as it reminds me of a very wet day in Cardiff.  (And, of course a favourite couple of episodes of Torchwood).   "Moonshot" is another great song, linked to a film ... a film I truly adore.  The song is lovely, although there is one line I don't like! 

As I warned you, I can't remember the details - I just loved the time, and wished it could have gone on for ever.

However - YAY - he played "London City" as his second song.  There is just something about that song that is amazing, and is actually what I have as my ring-tone!
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