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Life Is Busy ... But Productive

As ever no real time to catch up with you all - any news please let me know

I am busy at work ... and busy at home.

Actually have started to get my head around how I want to sort my bedroom out ... it's an odd shaped room, so everything has been in heaps.  I have decided on a tempory arrangement, and will decorat last of all.

The window man came this morning, and what I thought would b e anew unit, turns out to just need adjustments and repaires.  So he is returning next week to get the whole house sorted out - so that's a YAY!

I have, at long last, got hold of a plumber who is coming tomorrow to give me a quote on the work I need doing in the bathroom (the loo is slightly leaking!!!!!!) ... and I've decided on a new washbasin at the same time - unexpected expense, but I shall be happier with the results.

I have managed to find a use for my old treatment table (plus my portable one) ... I was reluctant to part with it, so it moved with me.  Last Sunday in Church we had a talk froma  Missionary group ... Medical Missionary News, and they send stuff to Africa - so I have offered them both tables, and they have accepted ... so it is great to have a positive use for them, and to know they will continue to be helpful ... they will be collected in January - so more details then.

I now have a Christmas tree up!  My first ever (366 pic to follow)

I have got to the Bank this am to get a change of address.

So al in all, busy - but progress is happening.

See you Friday!
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