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Christmas Dickens - More Ghosts

After James had a break he returned to read again ... so, yet again, no photographs were permitted.

The first one he read was Mrs Scrooge by Carol Anne Duffy.  Not an author I had heard before - or a poem I knew.  However, as I've said many times English has never been high on my agenda, so listening to James is educational ... Thank you, again, James!

He then read the first 2 chapters of Ghost Story by Jim Butcher.  Now, this is a story I know ... but again, started by hearing James read book 1.  He didn't do this audio book, so had said he would read a bit ... again, no cameras permitted.  About 1/2 way through he started frowning, and then announced that the paper wasn't fully printed, so he would go and collect a copy of the book.  He returned a few moments later with the book ... and reading glasses.  Just wish I dared have sneaked a photo.  It was lovely to hear Harry speaking again ... the series are great, but James brings that extra element to them.

Tags: christmas dickens, james

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