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Christmas Dickens - The Q&A

After the reading, we had a short break, to wander round, go to the loo ... or whatever. 

Then it was back to a James Q&A. 

The microphone was set up so that anyone who wanted to ask a question got to stand in the centre aisle.  As ever, there were a wide range of questions ... and he answered most of them completely, although one person asked a 2-part question, which he ignored the second half of ... whether that was deliberate or not, I won't say.  The question he didn't answer was, "At the end, was Buffy in love with Spike, when she said so?"

He started off by squeeeeeing about his Ghost of the Robot CD launch this week ... and how pleased he was, both in how impressed he was with Sullivan's musical ability, but also that he didn't have to sing the higher range of notes on this track. I had hoped to buy the CD, but it looks as if it is only going to be on i-tunes ... still, it is a must have for me.

He was asked about his last weeks filming, in France, of "Metal Hurlant" with Michelle Ryan. he said he had loved the project, and talked about the plot line and the director. He also talked about the actor who would be dubbing him (the same one he had for Spike, apparantly)

He said he had enjoyed the filming of "The Dragon Warriors movie" ... but that it would probably be another year in production. He again talked of the plot.

Another project he mentioned was that of reading the "Vampire Empire" trilogy ... and of more Dresden Files to come. I got the impression he loved the work and the challenge, but said it was not something that would overall make anyone rich.

Speaking of which, he was asked what his perfect Christmas present would be. He laughed and said his kids had asked the same!; He doesn’t really need anything. He remembered his father talking of Buddist Monks who were happy with one set of clothes and a bowl of rice. However as he was chatting, he did say he could do with a new car, as it had 300,000 miles on his present ne. Oh ... and his xbox died when he plugged in at his hotel, as he had forgotten that GB electricity is different to the USA ... he got an adapter plug, plugged in, and "bang"

He had another squeeeee, when someone asked him about his collecting an award for Moonshot and meeting a real astronaught. The award was a science on film award ... so was pleased that the film was credited. (I loved that film, as you know ... a very special memory for me of the real event, and great to show James working to mum & dad)

He also talked about working in a play ... and said that's why it should be called "play" ... so the audience enjoy watching the story. Someone also asked why he wasn't on the blooper reals ... but he said he uses his energy to the time when the camera is actually rolling. Although, sometimes when weather is bad, etc (like when filming Torchwood) you ahve to have a laugh to keep everyone's spirits up ... so, he and John Barrowman had fun!

Someone complimented him on the edition of MacBeth, that had just been released. As all fans know he has very destinctive thoughts on Lady MacB, it was wondered how much input he had into the performance. However he said that, in this case, he and the director aggreed. James believes Shakespeare should not be read but listened to.

He was very impressed with "The Occupy Movement", but couldn't think what slogan he would use on his placard!

He said he hadn't seen Torchwood since it was in The States!

He talked of his thoughts on A Winter’s Tale/Other Shakespeare works near the end of Shakespeare’s career “The Mystery Plays”.

One question I couldn’t hear properly – something about Joss being an auteur I think. James had problems hearing the question. He did go on to talk about how much he admired Joss ... but couldn't understand some of his work decisions. How "Serenity" isn’t a good name for a movie for example ... "Star Wars" is much wore upbeat! He said there was nothing truly positive about it - Serenity and Dollhouse were very cynical.

He was asked if he would like to act on stage in England. Yes he does! But he has teenage kids and has to justify leaving them to work. He has to bring home lots of money, he can’t come just for a great role. He finished with a comment that he was married, again, and maybe that would mean kids in the future.

Well I think that's all the questions, and I hope I've reported true his answers. he always chats at depth in answer, so it's hard to remember clearly.

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