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Christmas Dickens - A Christmas Carol

When I was at school English was my worst subject, which is why my fan-fic scribble that falling for Spike led me to, has been so very special.  (Thank you, James)

Anyway, because of that, Charles Dickens was not an author that I read much of ... so, although I know the basic concept of this story, I didn't know the details.  Now I do.

Before James started he told us that when he left college he was so impressed with his speach that he read the book to his family ... and it took 3 hours, during which he is now sure they were bored!

So, he now read an abreviated version ... and anyone who knows his reading of the Jim Butcher stories can imagine the way each character had their own voice.  Scrooge himself was great - and I am yet again, more impressed with his skills ... one superb actor.

And, now I know how the story goes, so a double thank you, James!
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