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Christmas Dickens - Photos With James

You have already seen the pics .... but to be logical I must scribble about my photos with James.

As you already know I don't have a great concept of "me", and so I hate having my photo taken, but we all get one picture anyway ... and as I always hope I will get a decnt image I bought some more.

This time everyone had their picrure taken, and I was glad when I saw mine that I was had more taken.  The first one seemed to me, as if I was scared!  How that could be, I don't know, as James gives the most wonderful hug, and makes you feel relaxed.  Still it was great to see him, and I even managed half a sentance of babble ... which is more than normal; so I must be improving.  Turning 50 is good for me!

After that we had any extra pictures taken ... and I will admit that I do quite like one of them... a bit!  Which says a lot!

The last picture we had been told by Steve, that we could wear a Santa hat if we wanted to .... but James took it and wore it, making Steve laugh, which is why the picture is more relaxed.

Sadly I only managed about half another sentance ... so my hopes that my JamesFog wouldn't take over are dashed!

If you missed the post, the 5 pictures are here

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