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"Oh What A Beautiful Morning!"

Well, I don't think I heard either DJ or Smudge singing this morning as I let myself into their field - but I certainly felt like it .... Fortunately for the 2 boys, I refrained!

The sun was out, the frost was thawing ... and I had a muddy horse hoping for a carrot!

Yes, he had a carrot and then back to his box for a groom.  He was certainly needing one, as the weather had been terrible over the weekend - Toni had taken them all out extra hay, as we had severe gale force winds to go with the rain.

Anyway once he was a bit cleaner I could tack him up and get ready to go.  Toni brought in Smudge and together we went for about a 6 mile walk.  It was really lovely.  It gave us a chance to chat and "put the world to rights" ... while letting the boys walk and gently work their bodies.

As DJ is still un-clipped, he came back quite warm, but that gave Toni and I a chance to finish off our chat over a cup of coffee!

More carrots - and back to their field .... I took them both back and once through the gate, DJ promptly got down and rolled ... yes, you guessed it, no camera!
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