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10 Icons!

I have done the icon meme loads of times, but 2 different members of my f-list has given me 5 different icons.

I am up to date with all my icon-making, and am doing less than normal in the 20in20 competitions, as life is hectic.

So, behind the cut are 10 icons chosen by spuffy_noelleand pamsblau

spuffy_noelle  chose -

  Made by elizalavelle

What more can I say - Spike is my #1 vampire ... as he is for many of my friends.  Doesn't he look gorgeous?

  Made by act3scene1  as a birthday present for me.

A3S1 and I love Star Trek - so she made me this as a spoof on the Voyager EMH ... and, it has to be James that arrives whenever requested, doesn't it?

   Made by jaded_jamie

Jamie and I are Tea drinkers from England ... and we know that Tea is the cure to all ills!

  Made by sweetsbellie

I am a Spuffy fan ... then I saw series 1 of Vampire Diaries ... and Damon's character is brilliant, and has some Spike like characteristics.  His love of Elena is amazing ... this dance was just so full of passion.  As an icon maker, it's hard to get an image of the scene, but this one is the best I've seen so far.

  Made by jaded_jamie  from a photo that I took.

Jiffy is so lovely and I love this picture of him.  Jamie has a great computer prog that shows the photo as a painting.

pamsblau chose -

  Made by indigodiaries

This is one of my early icons ... and I still love it.  That final scene in BtVS is what drew me towards the Spuffy story and towards LJ.

  Made by kazzy_cee  especially for me from a photo that I took.

I love this icon .  I took the photo of James and kazzy_cee  made this stunning icon.  Even though I make icons I still ahven't a clue how it is done ... but I don't think I would want to attempt it.

I made this for a competition and, as I've said I love Vampire Diaries ... the relationship between Stefan abd Damon is so changeable ... and having 2 brothers myself, I know what that means ... which is why I added the word.

    Made by  sweetgirl7808

Damon is a sweetheart really - he has done a lot to help Elena, and this shows this sweet love ... not bad for a vampire!

    Made by kazzy_cee for me.

kazzy_ceemade some kitten icons, including a kitten licking, which I loved.  She then made this one, as I'm more of a doggy person ... so sweet. 
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