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RL Is Hectic ...

This is really just a word of warning that I shall be around - but not as often as I am normally.  When I am in my new place I don't have the internet, so it's a case of looking on the phone and trying to keep up that way.  I shall be 366ing to finish the year, but that will only go in batches, as that can only be done when I'm at Mum & Dad's.

The house is "great" ... full of boxes!  There is more to do than I had expected, but there again, that is to be expected.  I have decided to use that as a positive ... that way the place is truly mine.

Tomorrow is back to Exeter, more boxes, then work ....


Well a day and a half in London doing museums ... then Saturday ... Hi to some of my friends .. well, and James!

Will keep in touch ... then bore you all next week!
Tags: christmas dickens, house sale, james, london

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