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DJ going solo 
26th-Jan-2007 06:57 pm
Adventure before dementia
... well I went along to make sure he behaved himself!!

 This was the first time that we had gone out by ourselves in this new location.  When he was living at the riding stableshe would go out at least once a week - but he has been lucky to have company.

I decided to go on the first route he had done - which was a small circular route that should take about 40 mins.

He did try to stop to speak to Rags in his field, but that was soon sorted out and we continued up the road ...

...  that is until he spotted a large tractor and muck-spreader coming towards us - He then decided it would be easier to head for home!  Put it this way - the trailer did NOT contain Chanel No 5!!!  In the end I had to get off and lead him up the road - much to his disgust - and my embarrasment!

I got back on and he settled - and so we continued.

When almost home we came past a group of pheasants who were disturbed by his footsteps - and took off in all directions!  Fortuneately DJ decided he had had enough excitement for today.

So back home - for a snack and then out to the field to tell his friends all about it.

Don't tell him - but all the work had made me hungry - so he only got 3/4 of his carrot!!

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