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5 Words Meme

I am slowly trying to catch up with memes - and although I still owe a couple, I thought I would do at least one of the two more recent ones.

slaymesoftly  gave me 5 words that she associates with me -
English countryside


I grew up surrounded by music - on the radio and on a reel-to-reel tape recorder.  Mum had a beautiful singing voice and sang solos at Church.  Dad played the piano, and the 2 boys have gorgeous voices.  So I was a bit of the odd one out.  I played a clarinet for a couple of years, but hadn't the patience to practice, or the courage to play in the group lessons I attended.

When I moved to Bude at age 25 I came across the clarinet and was going to sell it, but a lady at our then Church asked mum to ask me to play for a Christmas sepecial ... even writing out the music, so I felt guilty, and dug out the instrument and played.

Then I saw an ad for a music group that got together to play simple music - Bude Orchestra.  Over the next 10 years we grew and developed into a proper orchestra, and I became secretary and treasurer ... for 25 years my Monday evenings were committed.  I am going to play at the next concert in March, as well ... so that is nice to still play, and still feel wanted.

I love music in most forms - it can make or break your mood, be a background comfort in an empty house ... or just generally bring a smile to your face.

Although I have played in 3 concerts a year for 18 years, I have only heard one performer live - yes, James.  That is an amazing experience as you feel that you are personally being seronaded.

So, music, is important - giving another layer to your life, as well as getting you to meet people that you would normally never see in everyday life.


They are stunning animals.  I learnt to ride in my mid 30s and rode most weekdays for about 15 years ... yes, I do miss it, but the change also came at a time of so many changes, it was the right thing to do.

The more time I spent around them I found them to be intelligent, loving, responsive .... stubborn and loving a challenge.

Anyone who doesn't respect them is silly - and take their life into their hands.

Jaykub, was my first love.  I saw him about 4 years before he became mine and it was love at first sight.  He was a handful, yet never pushed me as far as he pushed every other person he dealt with.  When he had to be sold I couldn't say goodbye - and for the next 15 months it was an honour to know we were together.  He broke my heart - but taught me much about both riding, love and acceptance.  DJ was born in that time - a suprise foal when I was horse-sitting, so he was my namesake.  Toni gave him to me on loan the day I lost Jaykub - but I didn't go near him for 8 months.  When I did get tricked into his care we had a great relationship - I did his training, and he was the opposite of Jaykub, in that I was the only one he showed his super stubborn side to - the only one he ever bucked with!
I miss being around them - but would not have parted with those 15 years for anything.

English Countryside

I am a Royalist and love history.  However we are very lucky to have some amazing scenery to use as a backdrop.

You look at a landscape of fields and see odd shapes - but in reality you see the local history of that land.  You see cliffs and rugged scenery and see the unfloding of the developement of lighthouses, etc.  Beaches bring sea bathing and piers with their entertainment.  And so it goes on.

When you look around at the colours and shapes you see a variety in a small area ... but you see what has made that part of our island into what it now is.


What can I say?

I saw an episode of Buffy by accident - and was mesmorised by a bleached blond vampire who could portray aggression, then love in the space of a few seconds ... "Lies" form season 7.  I looked to find out who the actor was and found out, to my suprise, he was an American.

I watched the end of the series, and even though I knew little of the background, the writing was powerful and I found myself shocked that Spike died.

I then bought the season 6 DVDs, and discovered a lot more about Spike ... and James ;)

But, overall it led me to buy season 2, 4 & 5 ..... then 1 & 3 ... yes, it was Spike who captured my imagination ... and I wrote my first ever fic to get Spike back with Buffy at the end of BtVS ... which brought me to LJ.

I then discovered fandom - still BtVS based, but in doing that I relaised that I could find out more about the actor(s) ... which brought me to my first ever gig ... and James. I wrote 100 words about James here if you missed it. What can I add - he is a brilliant actor, who is very special ... and has brought so much to my life ... mostly you, my friends, who are reading this!  But also my artwork, and my writing - 2 things I never imagined I would ever, ever attempt.

When I first watched BtVS I didn't like Angel as he wasn't there - but had caused pain in the past. Being a Spike fan coloured that view.

The last time I watched it through I really tried to be neutral and decided that he was a "first love" ... someone that most people have, and move on from. However scars do exist from teenage angst - and this was, to me, the Angel story.

I have yet to watch Angel, the series ... even the Spike/Buffy episodes. I don't really like people who feel they know best, which is the impression he tends to give.

So, although I'm not a fan, I think he character is a vital part of Buffy's life; so a vital part of our fandom.

Wow, that was a long ramble - extra hugs to any who read it all!

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