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Escorting The Ladies Again!

It must be his new shoes - or something, as yet again he had the important task of escorting 5 ladies on their trip around!

He was very pleased to come in this morning - and Smudge was hopeful that I had come for him as well.  Gale force winds along with rain are not the best of weather to pass a restful night.  Still, it meant that DJ was wet, but not too muddy!

So, as I said, DJ escorted
Junior, Toni, Cherry, Ros and myself through the gale force winds, but at least it wasn't raining.  The trouble with a windy day, as any rider will tell you, is that wind whistles round .... where wind should never travel!  Still the bad weather worked to our advantage as there was very little other traffic around, so we could all have a good gossip, riding 3 abreast, most of the time.

DJ really wanted his carrot though - for such a busy day and the thought of more bad weather to come!
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