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Yes, I'm Still Me ....

Even if I have been a bit absent in my LJing.

Oh I know you will say you still get SPAMmed with a 366 picture and icons ... but I haven't had time to catch up with a couple of owed answers to memes ... or just a general "me" scribble.

So, here goes ...................

Where do I start ... let's start with a James Squeeeeeeeee ... I got my ticket yesterday for London ... seat #28, so not too bad.  I feel it is getting closer.  just can't wait!  All I need to do now is decide what to wear .... and then pluck up the strength to actually speak when I have my photo(s) ... rather than let JamesFog take over!  Honestly, I'm 50!

While in London I'm taking an extra day ... so on the Friday I'm going to "do" at least one Museum ... hopefully 2.  I need to find out opening times etc, to get the best use of the day.

There's still no real news on the house - the Council have, apparantly, signed the paperwork, as have the people selling the house, as have the neighbours (yes, it got that complicated in the end) - so now I have to wait for their solicitor to sign, before he sends it to mine - then it should be OK.  They recon very soon now.  However I moved out of Bude in July, so it's been a long gap.

My clothes are there ... my CDs ... everything.  I know I'm not greatly materialistic, but it would be nice to get at some of my stuff again!

I suppose when I get to sign I shall panic that I won't actually like the place after all!

The driving has been getting me down - just under 2 hours each day of drive and walk.  Not too bad when I compare with some, but still frustrating - I suppose worse as I know there is property waiting nearby.

Staying at Mum & Dad's has basically been OK - but I do need space.  I know that I won't be able to spend much time at my own place as neither are coping brilliantly with their health problems ... but I'm hoping having a bit of "me time" will make life easier to cope with.

Mum feels very sorry for herself - understandable as her sight isn't great and she has muscle problems.  But she also won't do things to help - she no longer goes out, other than a weakly shop, or to the Physio ... even though I try to persuade her somewhere most weeks.  Her memory is also going a bit, but she won't accept that - gets annoyed with anyone who suggests it.  Dad's memory has stabalised with his pills, and am hoping that means the Altzeimhers will have been halted at this point.  He is doing well in that he has almost finished his second book, this one on The Revelation ... not bad for someone who will be 87 at the end of the month. 

They are great people, and when I look at many of the patients I see at the hospital I hate myself for my thoughts ... but I do feel stifled, from time to time.

Still, not much more than normal - so musn't complain.

I'm trying to be positive ... I read in my Bible Study book, that however negative I feel about my life I have a lot to be thankful for ... God's presence in my life is amazing, and if I had nothing else, that is wonderful in itself.

So I must focus on my Faith .... and my loved ones (here, as well as those who will read this) - not think on the things I feel I miss out on.

Well, I warned you it was a ramble - and one without news, in the end!

Hope all my friends are well   
*Group Hugs*

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