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What A Patient Boy Today

I got to Toni's early today - and walked across a very foggy field to find DJ near the water trough - with the other 5 horses nearby in their respective fields (The trough is in the junction of 4 fields - so a good place to meet up and get caught up with the gossip!)

We walked back to his box and once in the light I could see that I had an impossible task - he was wet, muddy ... muddy and wet!  Fortunatly I wasn't due to ride as we were waiting for the farrier - but I had to check him over, comb his main, trim about 4 inches off his tail and generally check that he was coping with the winter.

So far - so good.

However - the farrier was an hour and a half late - so poor DJ was fed up - as he was too dry to groom he had basically been spending the last hour waiting for his shoes to arrive.  When Ian eventually turned up I knew that it takes about an hour - and as Ian has very little patience I did wonder what would happen - 

But DJ excelled himself - he stood as goog as gold while he was being shod.  Yah - carrots were truly deserved ... and I was able to give his box a really good clean for him - so hopefully he noticed that as well!
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