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Moving House Is Not At All Stressful

... That was what DJ and Smudge decided today!

When I went to get DJ in this morning I also collected Smudge as Toni was moving all their fields around.

Anyway - one very muddy boy came in ... and I ended up as muddy by the time he and Smudge had splashed through the puddles of the gateway ... and then I attempted to groom DJ ... So between us we would have looked a mess!

We went out with Junior and Toni and went around a large block - about 5 miles ... with Junior "power walking" the whole way - so DJ had to trot as he has both shorter legs and a shorter stride.  As luck would have it, being how muddy we both looked, we met up with 3 ladies from a local stables.  They looked very "shiny" in comparison .... still, DJ told me it is a good working look that we were using!

Anyway, once back, DJ was towelled down, fed, and then he and Smudge were off to their new field.  They didn't gallop round to explore - they were too busy checking that the grass was acceptable ... It passed the test ... Chances are they will have already put on the weight that they lost this Autumn!!
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