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Farewell Bude Orchestra

As I promised, here is a bit of a scribble about Orchestra.  We did our Winter concert on the last Saturday in September ... and here you can see me with a cheesy grin just at the beginning -


At the end I have made the hank You speach for a few years now. It was because our Chariman always said she could never cope ... this time, however, she had since died, so it fell to me again (and for the last time) to thank people, and remind everyone when the next concert is


The previous night I had stayed at Toni's ... and she came to the concert. It isn't often that we have our picture taken together ... so persuaded her husband to do it -

Pity about the strappings on the hand!

The concert went well - but for me it felt weird.

I had been a member of the orchestra for 24 years, and treasurer for 15 years.  Although I had told people that this was it, nothing seemed to sink in.

I found out, as I was leaving that the conductor and his wife (the only ones I really get on with) had been told that I wasn't actually leavng. In some ways I wish it were true; but and hour and a ahlf travel each way is impossible. teresa was mortified that nothing had been done to say Goodbye ... but I said it was easier for me to slip away. I would never have coped (would I?)

So, with a hug and a kiss from them both, I got in my car and left orchestra ... and Bude.
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