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Just Round The Block Today.

When I arrived this morning it was quite foggy, so I collected DJ (and Smudge) from their field wondering whether I would get to go out.

It did begin to clear - so I began to groom.

You know how some people don't listen to instructions - well DJ was again proving to be one of those.  He hadn't listened to his own advice!

He had stood in the rain overnight ... and then got down and rolled ... The quickest way to describe him is to say he had mud in places that mud shouldn't go!!  If he carries on in that mode his field will soon be empty!

Anyway one muddy horse, myself, Smudge (who wears a rug) and Toni just walked at a good pace round the block.  So although it was mainly an excuse to chat for us 2 girls we still had the horses working!

So back home - carrots, fed and back to their field ... at which point both of them promptly got down and rolled ... I am going to have fun grooming tomorrow!

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