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Icon Meme

I decided to do the icon meme again (and again!) ... well I asked 3 people and had 14 icons from the 3 of them.

1. Reply to this post with "UNICORNS", and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.


   Made by kazzy_cee - I love her work and asked her to make me an icon with a clarinet on.  Hard to work with as it's a long thin instrument.  I use it when I chat about music/orchestra ... etc.

  Made by allbottledup- I love horse and worked with them, and until recently owned them and rode ... they have such great characeters ... this sais so much about the lovely animals ... and I don't use it as much as I should ... Thanks for reminding me of it!

  Made by jaded_jamie.... "THE" Dr Who fan!  It's a twist on Dalek wording of "Exterminate" ... and I am an expert at procrastination, so it does get used from time to time!  I wish I didn't have to use it so often!

  Made by cila81.... I enjoyed the Moonlight series and wanted an icon (before I started making them) ... I like this as it shows the 2 stars.  Most of the shows I have loved, characters I like have a story of unrequited love ... and it's "sweet temptation"

   One of my early attempts at combining images.  It was for a "pairing" challenge, and as I've said, unrequited love.  Captain Janeway and her 2nd in command.  I actually managed to get the 2 picture to blend and think of words to add!


  Another of mine that actually is a a combination of 3 images - just showing the "journey" of  Voyager ... planets, wormholes ... and a lot of dark days.

  Who didn't like David Tennant as The Doctor.  I made this for a 20in20 competition.  I tried to get the background to look a bit as if it is a Dalek behind him ... don't think that happened, but I still love his grin!

  This was made by kazzy_ceeand it was a real treat to see her use my photos to make some general icons. I love how she did this to make such a classic image of that stunning man.

  One of bendy1s icons ... she did msome truly stunning work.  The phrase is something that we all tend to use (especially when LJ has a bad day!!) ... so great to have icon of James attempting to do the BtVS final image on the credits!

  As I sadi unrequited love ... the classic story for Spike.  This scene on the porch is classic BtVS and from a turning point in the storyline - so I love the icon made by blond_bearand her comment sums up their relationship when they were being open.


  act3scene1and I are lovers of old films ... and Cary Grant is a real favourite of mine.  She made me 4 icons of him before I ever made icons.  He was an actor with a twinkle in his eye ... and shenanigans was often on his mind!

  I have a real interest in the story of the 2 world wars ... and this image is just so representative of those struggles.  I made it before I really started icon mking, but I still love it's basic simplicity.

  sweetgirl7808has made some truly stunning icons ... now mostly doing SPN ones (so hope she will do some of James when he is in the show!!)  Spike smoking was "him" so adding the actual smoke to this is great.  I use the phrase either when it's very windy (*g*) or if I am stunned by something.


xheartrockxmade some icons from James publicity pics ... and I love this image, so I asked her if she could persoanlise it fom me ... and I love what she has done with it.  I actaully use it quite a lot, when I want to be fairly "calm" ... it's (in my opinion) quite a sad image, so it is on those sort of comments I tend to use it.

Thanks ladies for letting me play!
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